July 21, 2008

Digg Hack:How to repost buried stories in digg

Ever been victim of the digg lobby.Saw your story disappear before it got enough exposure.If yes is the answer then read on.Sometimes good stories and post disappear in the midst of junk.If you got any such posts in your hand then get ready to re post it and give a fight for it.But before i tell you the trick let me tell you a story.About an year back i happened to post an image here at Blogger Whale which i thought was very interesting and hoped that the digg crowd will shower its digg and put me on the front page.I had very much confidence in the pic alone that i didn't do much to promote the post at digg.I posted the story and waited for a response.The story got buried in no time.

I was very disappointed.About a month later i reposted the post.This time i targeted the geek community at digg,usually the guys who read science and technology + the guy who read softwares and coding stuff.I changed the title a bit and waited.In half an hour my effort started showing colours and i was on the front page.Hours later the pic gathered more attention and by this day it stands one of the most popular(digged) pics of all time at digg.

I first posted the article with this link:http://bloggerwhale.blogspot.com/2007/03/dont-trust-your-eyes.html

Reposted the story with this link:http://bloggerwhale.blogspot.com/2007/03/dont-trust-your-eyes.html#

If i had to repost it again i would use this link:http://bloggerwhale.blogspot.com/2007/03/dont-trust-your-eyes.html##

I hope you understood the trick.Hope this information was useful.

July 20, 2008

How To Download Mp3 Songs From Imeem,Esnips and 4shared ?

Imeem,esnips and 4shared are popular social networks with very similar characterstics. With quite a large user base these sites stands tall in their niche.No this is not an article to speak about their market control.But we prefer telling you how to download songs from Imeem.com,Esnips.com and 4shared.com.You will need firefox for this technique to work.So download firefox if you haven't.The world is downloading it,so don't get stucked up with IE.

Hope you have installed firefox now.Go to addons.mozilla.org and you will find a lot of useful addons for it.One such addon is Video download helper.I have used the tool and its technique in many posts considering the search engine traffic.But it's a tool which i can keep praising for a good amount of time.It can rip off any embedded content on the internet.And the phrase is not an exaggeration.Install the addon and direct yourself to the song page on imeem,ensips or 4shared and once 'Video download helper' detects the embedded file,it's ready for download in just a click.

Download Video download helper

Utorrent unable to connect??Start downloading by opening those ports

Having problems with utorrent connections.Utorrent downloads not starting??No need to worry.There are two major reasons because of which you are unable to connect.One is that your ports that allow incoming and outgoing connections are blocked.Most static ip users have this problem.There is also a chance that your firewall is blocking utorrent connection.Either be the case there are remedies for this problem.

1.Ports blocked
Most static ip connections face this problem of blocked ports.For getting utorrent connected you will need to open these ports.You do this by accessing your router and configuring ports.This is port forwarding.It is different for different routers.Go to www.portforward.com,Choose your router and follow the procedure to open ports.

2.Firewall blocking utorrent
If you have port forwarded correctly,then the reason you are unable to connect is probably the block by your firewall.To find this out disable your firewall and try connecting utorrent.If that solves the problem.Open your firewall and preconfigure access to utorrent by adding it to the list of softwares in the preconfigure list.If you haven't set preconfigure access,then all you need to do is to allow utorrent to connect each time the firwall access permission pop-up comes on to the screen.

Hope this information was useful.

Keep track of profile views on your Myspace and Show it off

Myspace is quite an addictive site and once you get used to the crowd and constant mingling then it's sure to become a habitual action to spend hours in Myspace.I know quite a lot of people in such scenario.This post is for all those for whom Myspace is no less than home.

If you are quite a popular guy/girl at Myspace then you must be having a lot of profile views.You sure will feel very good about it.But the sad part is that only you have access to this information.In short profile views is something you cannot show off.Now here is the good part.You can now show it off to all those who visit your space by using this tool Myspace Profile Counter.It generates a code(widget) for your myspace which counts your profile views and displays it on your profile.For those 'not so popular' Myspace-rs,there is a good news for you too.You can tamper with the tool because the tool lets you define the starting number of profile counts.So set it to a high number and enjoy fake virtual popularity.

Tool:Myspace Profile Counter

Interesting Youtube Videos - "Best Of" Part I

Hi folks,i am starting this new section called "Best of" where i will be posting and blogging about interesting videos i find on Youtube.I hope all of you will like this idea.Starting of with a list of few videos i found really amusing and cool.

First Video--How to Remove Scratches From Any DVD

This video is about cleaning those unwanted scratches from CDs and DVDs using household items like Toothpaste,Peanut butter,Diet coke,Baking soda and Paper towels.

Second Video--How To Get Six Pack Abs Without A Single Crunch
Want six pack abs?but can't do countless crunches right.Well this is not a video on how to make a magic potion that will get those fat off you and carve six packs of rock hard abs.It explains you highly effective alternatives.A good video.

Third Video--Most Expensive Commercial Ever Made ["As they say it"]

This video supposedly cost the makers $6.2million.But the ad is a piece of work.Brilliant in all senses.This is an ad for motor company 'Honda'.Check it out.

Fourth Video--Kid doing crazy bike stunts

Kid doing some serious bike stunts on what looks like a miniature super bike.Video quality is slightly bad.But the content is surely impressive.

How to charge an Ipod using electrolyte and an onion

Charge any mp3 player of Ipod using household item.Just an educational video.They advise not to risk expensive equipments by trying this hack on them.

Hope you liked this post.Check in soon for updates.

How To Turn Off Auto Update In Firefox

Firefox has this bad habit of checking for update for the browser,search engines and the installed addons.And if found any Firefox installs the update for you in the background which obviously retards the performance of your browser.It may come up with this just at the wrong time when the last thing you want is a browser update.This a tutorial on how to turn off this habit of firefox and enjoy peace of mind.

1.Click Tools
3.Go to Advanced
4.Click on Updates
5.Uncheck all the boxes below "Automatically check for updates"

There you go.No more unwanted social service from firefox.

Download Songs From Muxtape Easily

If you are into music sharing you will surely have heard of Muxtape.And this article will tell you how to get songs from Muxtape.There are two ways for getting this done.I will explain both of them.Choose whichever suits you.You need firefox for both this tricks to work.

First Method
1.Install the firefox addon Video Download Helper .It is a multi utility addon that can get you any embedded content.
2.Direct to the muxtape song page.
3.When Video Download Helper detects the embedded object its icon will start rotating just on the side of the address bar.
4.Click on it and drop down list will appear with the embedded song in it.
5.Click on it download.

Second Method
1.Install Greasemonkey script for firefox and enable it
2.Click on this and install this greasemonkey script
3.Direct to the muxtape song page.
4.The script when installed shows a download link to the song on the song page.
5.Click on it and download it.
6.Rename the downloaded file into mp3.

Auto Refresh Myspace pages And Stay Updated

Heavy users of Myspace know the difficulty of refreshing the pages often to check for updates in messages and notifications.It's quite a boring task isn't it.What if you get an addon that refreshes your myspace page and checks for the latest in Bulletin space,Updates,Status updates,Friend space and Friend Updates.Well there is the good news for you.There is actually something that can do this tedious work for you.

You need to use this greasemonkey script Myspace Home Update for this.It checks for updates on everything on your myspace page and makes sure what you get it the latest information.You need Firefox browser to use this also you need to install greasemonkey addon for this torun.

Install Myspace Home Update from here.

July 19, 2008

Hack-Protect & Secure Myspace Accounts And Passwords

Myspace is a place where some great deal of phishing happens.Maybe its just because of the vulnerable nature of it with lots of codes and stuff coming in and out.One just cannot distinguish from a phishing myspace clone page and the authentic one.Tons of people have been prone to phishing everyday and if you are a regular myspacer then you must have gone concerned reading this.Prevention is always better than running for cure.

Myspace Force SSL is a greasemonkey script that rewrites all links to use SSL enabled secure.myspace.com domain.This will make sure you do not end up giving your password to some hacker who has set up a page just real enough to fool you.You need firefox and greasemonkey addon for this to work.You can get the Myspace Force SSL script from here.

Magic Password Generator:Create Custom Passwords For Each Website

There are sure a lot of sites you browse everyday which demands a registered account in order to fully utilize the site features.There comes a new account a new password.Inorder to secure your accounts smartly you try to create a password hard to crack and in this process repeating with a bunch of websites you end up having a pile of passwords hard to remember.So what is the solution.Custom passwords for each site and a tool that remembers these passwords for you and protects those passwords from outside access by locking it with a master password.Sounds good.Read on.

Magic password generator is an addon to firefox that helps you do what i mentioned just above.The real use of this great tool shows off when you quite a number of passwords to remember.With this you only have to remember the master password and oh la la the addon does the rest of the job for you.Youtube,Gmail,Yahoo,Metacafe,Digg,Technorati,Reddit,Dailymotion and how many other sites do you access everyday and how many new ones do you join.I know the number goes on increasing as the time you spend on the internet increases.This tool manages your current accounts and assists you in creating and managing new accounts.Worth installing but on the dark side it is capable of managing only one email id which will be the master id.

You can install the addon from here.

How To Batch Download Images From A Gallery In Firefox

Most of the sites which host picture galleries usually have a sequential list where they sort in numerical order.If you are up to the task of downloading these long list of pics then it sure is a tedious job.I'll explain an alternative to this.Using this technique you will be able to download huge pile of images in a single batch.You will need Firefox for this and need to install an addon Down Them All.This addon is also a download accelerator and hence a multi utility tool.

1.Install Down Them All.
2.Go to the image gallery.Open The first image and final image in new tabs.
3.Right click both images and click on view image to get the image address.
For example http://******.com/movie/photogallery/images/abl-0001.jpg and http://******.com/movie/photogallery/images/abl-0021.jpg be the first and final images.Copy the link to the first image.

4.Go to Tools>Down them all>Manager
5.Add the url of the 1st image and at the end of the images you need to add brackets and the number representing final image.I will explain that in this example.

http://******.com/movie/photogallery/images/abl-0001.jpg is our first image and as we know the gallery ends at image 21.

To batch Download
Add url as;
6.Choose the directory to save files in and click ok.
Hope this information helped you.

July 18, 2008

Get The Code For Any Myspace Layout

Have you ever found amusing someone's myspace layout and which just kept you in envy.You just wish if you could get the same layout for your profile.Now Blogger Whale believes in finding solutions for your daily tech needs and so we here is how you can get the code for any Myspace layout.

1.Log on to Myspace.
2.Go to the profile whose layout you want to snatch.
3.Copy the friend id of the profile.Just the numbers after "friendID="

4.Go to Layout snatcher @ codestogo
5.Copy the friend id to the box there.
6.Click on get code.

Hope you found this information useful.

Foxit reader-The best alternative to Adobe Reader

Imagine all features of Adobe reader and minus all the choas and memory consumption.What you get is Foxit reader.A priceless software that comes with a pile of features.The most notable being quick instant loading.Foxit reader won't make you memorise the list of plug-ins and the developer names before it starts up.It consists of an inbuilt pdf to text converter.So you can get the text out of ebooks without using an external converter.

It also has tab viewing.You can browse around pdf files in a firefox similar fashion.Unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader it has a multimedia playback functionality.So reading multimedia ebooks is no big task.Moreover it is light weight software with just a 2.5mb compared to Adobe reader which is around 20mb.Hassle free and optimal in functionality Foxit reader is one software you need to have on your system.

You can get Foxit Reader from here.

Access blocked sites and browse safely using Ultrasurf

Accessing blocked sites has become just like a daily chore for many poor souls all over the world.Sometimes the authority which block these people are local organizations like schools,colleges and Offices and in some other cases bigger authorities say countries themselves start blocking sites.Be the cases reasonable or not you want to browse don't you.That's the reason you are here.Here is the best way to surf any blocked website where ever you are.

Ultrasurf is a lightweight software that is actually much more than a software.It holds the baton for anti-censorship of public sites all over the world.And you can guess what it will be capable of delivering.It uses Internet explorer platform and a background proxy searching technique with high level of encryption to ensure safety.This software will help you to use Web mails,Uploading and downloading of data files and real time streaming of music.You can also access heavily blocked sites like Youtube,Myspace and orkut with ease.It is just a 300kb download and requires no installation.This is by far the best and the safest way to counter web-censorship.

You can download Ultrasurf8 from here.

How to Record or Download or Extract Audio/Music From An Youtube Video?

Lots of people have been asking me to find out ways to rip audio from youtube videos. It is reasonable as i myself had some videos where the audio seems to be more appealing than the video.That need not be the only case.Youtube is a place where you will find the rarest of songs which you might have been searching for a long while.Whatever be your case i will be sharing with you 3 ways to get the job done.

A.Record the audioYou will need a freeware Audacity for the job.It's just a sound editor software.You can get Audacity from here.
1.Choose the Youtube video
2.Let it buffer till the end and drag the slider to the beginning of the video.
3.Open Audacity.You will see many recording options like Monomix,Stereo mix,Microphone etc. right next to the microphone volum adjuster.Choose Stereo mix.
4.Click on Record.
5.Play the Youtube video till the end.
6.Stop recording when done and trim of the unnecessary part like the beggining pause petiod.

B.Rip from a downloaded video

You need to download the youtube video first for this.
1.Download and install freeware Flv to mp3 converter
2.Add the video file to Flv to mp3 converter to rip audio.
3.Choose the Output directory and start converting.

C.Download the video in MP3 format

1.Copy the link to the video file
2.Go to vixy.net
3.Copy the link and choose mp3 format.
4.Wait till the site server converts the video to mp3 format and download the file.

Hope you found this article helpful.

July 17, 2008

How To Play Downloaded Youtube Files In Windows Media Player?

Those of you who are not so much comfortable with other media player like flv player or GOM player would love to watch your Youtube videos in Windows media player.Well there are 2 things that you should know.First thing is that from now onwards make sure you download videos in a format that is compatible with Windows media player.The second thing is that you need to have an flv to wmv converter that will convert the videos you have already downloaded into wmv format which is the standard video format for WMP.

1.Downloading Videos In Format Playable By Windows Media Player

Vixy.net is a site which allows you to download Youtube videos in Avi,divx,MP4 and 3gp formats.Since you want your files to be played in WMP,Choose avi format and wait for the site to convert formats for you.After conversion you will get the download link to the file.

2.Converting Youtube Videos To Format Playable By Windows Media Player
There are a tons of freeware that can do this job for you.Freez Converter is one such software.It lets you convert Youtube videos to mpeg,wmv and avi formats.It's a 4mb download.You can get the software from here.Hope you found this article useful.

Youplayer:Winamp Like Youtube PlayerMake Play list Of Videos::

If you are a regular Youtuber then you must have really encountered with the problem of going back and forth from the searched items while Video surfing.And you just wish if you could make a playlist of youtube videos and just sit back and enjoy.

Well Youplayer is one such addon for all firefox users.Hasslefree youtube is at service with Youplayer.Drag and drop video links to this external player which incorporates itself on the browser sidebar and what you get is a Winamp like effect.It has also a dozen more features that comes with it.You can also drag drop links from Google video,Metacafe and Myspace.If you already have a good collection of Youtube videos you can drag and drop files from your local hard drive and play it on Youplayer.One more feature that is worth mentioning is that,theFre is also an option to download the file you are viewing.You just need to right click and choose download.The addon is also compatible with Flock web browser.

You can get Youplayer for firefox from here.

July 11, 2008

How long will it take for a blog / website take to get indexed by google?

This is a question every startup blogger will be interested in knowing.Usually blogspot blogs will start to indexed when google spiders understand it to be legitimate.The correct time period for getting indexed is unpredictable but i can suggest you certain things that will certainly boost up the speed of indexing.

Task1.Write 10-20 well designed post.Desirably between 100-150 words.
Task2.Go to Google webmaster tools and submit a sitemap for you site once you are done with task1
Task3.Add your blog to Google
Task4.Start posting in social bookmarking sites like digg and del.icio.us.This will get you some exposure and your pages will get indexed by
google while those sites get indexed.
Task5.Post regularly atleast 1 post per day.
Task6.Meanwhile add your blog url to blog directories.
Task7.Last and the most important tip.Show some perseverance it won't be long when you start seeing your pages on search engines.

Hope you found this information useful.

How to Uninstall phishing toolbars,spywares,malwares from your browser and PC

If you are regularly surfing the internet then you surely would have cam across
sites that demand installation of certain toolbars for proceeding with the sites.Out
of curiosity or ignorance one ends up installing a spyware or a malware to his computer all by himself.These toolbars most of them being targeted spywares can make you life a living hell.They cannot be uninstalled by regular methods because they are too smart for it.And sometimes it jams your system that well that you can't even get your antivirus program started.So what do you do then.Here is a tutorial on how to get those spywares,malwares out of your pc.

First of all when you discover poor performance from the system.Get task manager(alt+cntrl+del) and check for unfamiliar objects with '.exe' endings.They are easy to discover and come with somewhat phishy names.One way to find out is to try to end the process and if it wont get deleted and shows up again on the task manager then dear friend you have got company.

Step1:Restart your computer
Step2;Go to safemode by pressing F5
Step3:On the desktop click on Start>Run
Step4:Type 'msconfig' without quotes
Step5:Choose 'Selective start up'
Step6:Click on the start up tab at the end.
Step7:Uncheck suspicious start up items

You will be temporary free and you can start your antivirus software peacefully without a system hang.Update the antivirus for latest virus definitions and scan.Let your antivirus take care of the rest of the job.Hope you found the information useful.

Search biggest torrent databases for files in firefox:Find better seeded ones in a snap

What do you usually do when you have to find torrents.Search torrent database you think is the most extensive.Well that is quite a tough job and tiresome when you want to search a different torrent network each time to find if there is a better seeding there.So all those firefox users here is a happy news,you can now search over the most popular torrent databases on the planet and find the best result without dropping any sweat.

Torrent Finder Toolbar search the most popular 180 torrent sites which includes

IsoHunt ,Demonoid ,BitTorrentMonster ,The Pirate Bay ,UseNext ,Torrent Spy ,Fenopy ,MiniNova ,2torrents ,BiteNova ,Bush Torrent ,Snafit ,Meganova ,New Torrents ,Monova ,Torrent Reactor ,Torrent Box ,Torrent Portal ,Fulldls.com ,Torrent Valley ,bt junkie ,Riratic.org ,Pro Torrent ,BT-Chat ,Torrent Locomotive ,LiteBay,Wtorrent,SloTorrent.net ,TORRENTAT ,Zoozle ,Torrent Radar ,Dino Torrent ,Extreme Nova ,Nova Lite ,ExtraTorrent.com ,MyBitTorrent ,Piratenova.org ,The Pirate Box ,Saugstube ,Bitreactor.to ,Bitbull.to ,Torrent Galaxy ,Bit-Torrents ,Tokyo Toshokan ,Torrentz.ws ,Torrentz ,BitTorrent ,BtBot ,Torrentz ,flexbeta ,Orb ,Only Torrents ,Tracktrap ,Yotoshi v2 ,Torrents Hub ,Astatorrents ,Fkee BT ,Google ,Need Torrents ,Throughput.de ,Torrent Bay ,RockBox ,Torrent Matrix ,EmuParadise BT Tracker ,Zero Tracker ,h33t ,Conspiracy Central ,Indy Torrents ,Hunt Park Insider Futbol ,BNBT Tracker ,Games Torrents ,DescargasWEB ,DivXTotal ,TNT Village Scambio ,Smart Torrent ,Elite Team ,Tokyo Nights ,Podtropolis ,ebookshare.net ,Game Updates ,X TV Interactive ,Linux Tracker ,ZEOEZ ,LinuxTracker.de ,File List ,BitME.ORG ,TorrentDamage ,Bitsoup.org ,I love torrents ,Libitina.net ,UNDERGROUND ,Total Torrents ,DEVILOID.NET ,Badbits.org ,Cyber Storm ,Softorrent ,SWETorrents ,Peer Portal ,Super-Torrents ,Torrent Ice ,GeoTorrents ,Torrent Hackers ,Tri-Tavern ,EzTorrents ,Zomb Torrents ,Deep Space ,Torrent Leech ,IPTorrents ,Aradi Tracker ,Libble.com ,DSB Tracker ,Revolutiontt ,Shadow World ,DIDIDave ,Bitnation.com ,My Spleen ,Torrent Team.au ,High Speed Torrents ,Pimp Torrent ,katastrofa ,
Extreme Share ,Torrent Bits ,TV Torrents ,ABetterPlace2B ,Xbox Sky ,FileMP3.org ,MusicVids ,myMusixxTorrent ,Lankan Torrents ,Torrents.bol.bg ,Warez FR ,Snow Tigers ,Free Torrent ,Shared.cl ,ArebaBG ,Zentrale Multi Tracker ,Torrent Turkey ,Greek Tracker ,Witch Tracker ,Colombo ,BTParadise ,OUTLAW ,Doyana Kadar ,Arab Files ,Arab Films ,ToDo Torrents ,PirateBits ,XS Portal ,Torrents Mexico ,File.lv ,Danger.lv ,Torrent Land ,FatalBits ,AniRenA ,Dreamorabt.com ,Da Torrents ,Box Torrents ,DeadFrog Anime ,Frozen-Layer Network ,Download Anime ,SaiyaMan.Net ,Animersion ,Point Blank Tracker ,Arab Animes ,AnimeX ,Anime Yume ,Anime Suki

Feeling dizzy by seeing the list.You cannot search a bigger database so smoothly and this toolbar is one must addon you must have if you are a torrent junkie.You can get the addon from here.

Firefox hack:Save Images to a Folder

If you are into collecting every interesting pic you ecounter on the internet like me,then you will have quite a mess to arrange up.What to do you usually do.See a pic,right click and click on 'save image as' and save it on some random drive or if you aren't that lazy you might even make a folder and name it.I recently found this addon that allowed one to save images to a particlular folder and considering the time i spent saving pics,i must tell it saved me atleast an hour of work.And that time is no exaggeration.I never saw a single 'save image as' box till i first configured the addon.

How to configure the addon:
First time when you use the addon from the right click dropdown list,you will see a edit folder button.Click on it and go to the 'edit folder'page and add a folder where the images will be saved.Now move your eyes a little down and you will see the file name box.It will be filled to '%domain%' by default.Add a .jpg to the existing filename and make it '%domain%.jpg'.
Ooh la la and you are done.Now go picture surfing and get all your images on folders of your choice.To keep it better arranged try making four or five folders naming it for different categories.

You can get the addon from here.

July 10, 2008

Firefox hack:Bypass filter and access blocked sites like Youtube,livejournal,del.icio.us, Flickr, Technorati.com, FriendSter.com & Myspace

Though there are a 1000 ways to bypass filter for blocked sites,this one will be an easy install for those millions of firefox users all over the world.The above mentioned sites are blocked in most parts of UAE,Iran,Turkey and Thailand and if there is a temporary unblock never worry the block will be soon be back as the history of events had been speaking out loud for itself.

So here is a new addon intown that will help you get thorough the filters without much hassle.Free Access Plus is the name and this is what it does.In unblocks all the blocked sites like BBC.com,Youtube,livejournal,del.icio.us, Flickr, Technorati.com, FriendSter.com, livejournal.com & MySpace and virtually makes your browser unblockable.You are the authority and you decide the access.It works with all firefox versions from 1.0.8 to 3.You can get the addon from here.

Firefox hack:Password protect downloads and about:config

If you are using a multiuser system or your system is in a network,you surely will desire some privacy and respect for your downloads and settings.You surely don't want anyone tampering with your downloads and firefox settings.There are two ways to handle this situation:one is to allow the users to act on ethics and stay neutral on your part and the other is to prevent access to stuff you want to protect.The second option seems to be the wiser one because there ain't much ethics and stuff on networks.Here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Firefox addon Public fox is one addon every firefox user will love. It locks any ongoing downloads so that no one can stop or pause it until it is completed.It also lock down addon window so that the addons you have installed doesnt get uninstalled.But the most striking feature is that the addon also helps you to
lock up the about:config page and the firefox settings window.So no major change could be brought on your browser settings by anyone except you.This all is controlled by a lock password which of course you will need to enter for making any settings change.You also can filter file types you wish to be excluded from downloads.

Other notable features include 'Locking of history bar and bookmark bars.And also you can filter websites too by including them in a blacklist.You can get the addon from here.

July 08, 2008

How To Batch Download Youtube Videos Using Download Accelerators?

In this tutorial i will explain you how to download multiple Youtube videos and also very fast,since we will be using internal download accelerators for firefox.If you prefer using an external download manager like Internet download manager or Download accelerator plus it's fine.I prefer using internal download accelerators so that we could make use of the bandwidth preference and still continue browsing without much interference.And now lets get into the details.

First choose the videos you want to download and copy the url (eg: http://youtube.com/watch?v=p6b8H1nQJaw).Copy the urls of all the files into a text file.This will help you in the first technique i am going to mention.

First method:
Go to www.keepvid.com.Copy the urls one by one by one.Get the download links and copy the download links to your download manager.Now you do this if you have plenty of time to spend.Because this is the most common way to download Youtube videos but the advantage of this technique is that you will have the option to choose between 3 formats of download (Low quality flasf file,High quality flash file and High quality mp4 file which is the ipod format).

Second method:
This method will help you fetch download links faster.Here we will be using a firefox addon Magic's video downloader(Download link).Go to the youtube video and click on the Magic's video downloader icon on the bottom corner of firefox and get the download link to that file and follow the procedure of copying it to the download accelerator of your choice like above.Magic's video downloader works with all video hosting platforms.

Third method:
This one is probably the best way to batch download Youtube files.We use a software Youtube Batch Downloader for the job.It is a 3mb download and needs Microsoft .net framework to work.But the software is a must have if you are a Youtube junkie.
Here is how you can start batch downloading 100s of youtube videos in just 5mins.

1.Sign in to your Youtube account.
2.Make a new playlist and add to it all the videos you want to batch download.
3.Direct yourself to the playlist using Youtube Batch Downloader and oh la la.
This will help you download all your favourite youtube videos just like that.Moreover you can choose from a variety of formats for downloading including wmv,mp4,div,avi etc.You can get the software from here.

Hope you found this information helpful.

July 02, 2008

How To Download Torrents With In Firefox?

Ever thought what would it be like to get all the features of a classy torrent client embedded to your favourite browser.Well that is what you get with Foxtorrent and Firefox.Foxtorrent is an torrent client addon for firefox which actually gives the browser a flexible hand which could make it a popular name in the torrent streets.

Itworks on windows,mac and ubuntu linux and is completely hassle free.Download happens in the background.It consumes only about 8mb of RAM and does not eat up the entire bandwidth.So you can still browse Youtube and the torrent will still be downloaded at a consistent rate.It has automatic support for NATs and uPNPs.Therefore portforwarding maynot be necessary.

Few minus points also comes with the package.A thirdparty networking client software 'Redswoosh' is installed with the addons(No it's not a virus,just don't get surprised when Firwall ask for permitting Redswoosh.Just allow the connection and that's it).Also the details are not displayed well while downloading like the download and upload speed.Apart from these an addons of great use.A must install.

You can install Foxtorrent addon from here.

How To Get An Orkut Account Banned?

Orkut is one huge social network,so the chances are you may encounter people of all tastes there.You might discover great new bonds and at the same time there are good chances that you end up face to face with spoof-heads of nowhere.Before Orkut introduced its feature for 'locking scrapbooks and setting albums as private' the punches of those MUSN(Misusers of social networks) were a bit hard to block.Still after the launch of such addons to orkut,there still are cases of fraudulence and misguidance evolving.Use of copyrighed content,hijacked accounts and use of private pic from accounts addon to the list of such problems.So we tell you what to do when you encounter such profilers who only learn the hard way.

1.Get the evidence:If you find yourself being driven into unhealthy situations get the guy red-handed.Take screencapture incase it is some kind of vulgar scrap or spam.This will be helpful in the long run too.The writer can also delete the scraps too from your scrapbook apart from you so a screencap will be helpful in substantiating the MUSNs motives.

2.Report the abuse:Now let google handle the case.There is a 'Report abuse' link on the left bottom.If you cannot find it,click on 'more' after just below 'add as a friend' button.Click on it and you will be directed to the 'Report abuse' page.There is a list of topics which orkut has classified as offensive which includes nudity,spam,hate speech or violent content,illegal content,hijacked account,impersonation,use of copyrighted material,community hijacking etc.Click on the topic related to your complaint.You will now see a complaint box at the bottom.Type in the details of your case in the box.And as i mentioned earlier you can upload those 'screencaps' you took and upload it to some imagehosting site like image shack or google pages and put the link on that complaint as an evidence.That might help in getting the case move faster.Once you have done this,relax and let them look into the case.There are good chances that you get that MUSNs account banned.Stay safe,stay responsible.Happy social networking.I hope this helped.