July 20, 2008

Utorrent unable to connect??Start downloading by opening those ports

Having problems with utorrent connections.Utorrent downloads not starting??No need to worry.There are two major reasons because of which you are unable to connect.One is that your ports that allow incoming and outgoing connections are blocked.Most static ip users have this problem.There is also a chance that your firewall is blocking utorrent connection.Either be the case there are remedies for this problem.

1.Ports blocked
Most static ip connections face this problem of blocked ports.For getting utorrent connected you will need to open these ports.You do this by accessing your router and configuring ports.This is port forwarding.It is different for different routers.Go to www.portforward.com,Choose your router and follow the procedure to open ports.

2.Firewall blocking utorrent
If you have port forwarded correctly,then the reason you are unable to connect is probably the block by your firewall.To find this out disable your firewall and try connecting utorrent.If that solves the problem.Open your firewall and preconfigure access to utorrent by adding it to the list of softwares in the preconfigure list.If you haven't set preconfigure access,then all you need to do is to allow utorrent to connect each time the firwall access permission pop-up comes on to the screen.

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  1. It takes all sorts to make a world

  2. hi, I have a problem. few days ago my utorrent stop the working neither its open nor its remove(from add/remove prog)even new version of utorrent also not install. after all of this i start to use tixati... but i m not satisfy with this. so at last i try bittorrent. but after install bittorrent when I go to TPB and click the link "get this torren" a page comes with message that file not found and some other - pls help(the link of that web page given below)



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