July 11, 2008

How to Uninstall phishing toolbars,spywares,malwares from your browser and PC

If you are regularly surfing the internet then you surely would have cam across
sites that demand installation of certain toolbars for proceeding with the sites.Out
of curiosity or ignorance one ends up installing a spyware or a malware to his computer all by himself.These toolbars most of them being targeted spywares can make you life a living hell.They cannot be uninstalled by regular methods because they are too smart for it.And sometimes it jams your system that well that you can't even get your antivirus program started.So what do you do then.Here is a tutorial on how to get those spywares,malwares out of your pc.

First of all when you discover poor performance from the system.Get task manager(alt+cntrl+del) and check for unfamiliar objects with '.exe' endings.They are easy to discover and come with somewhat phishy names.One way to find out is to try to end the process and if it wont get deleted and shows up again on the task manager then dear friend you have got company.

Step1:Restart your computer
Step2;Go to safemode by pressing F5
Step3:On the desktop click on Start>Run
Step4:Type 'msconfig' without quotes
Step5:Choose 'Selective start up'
Step6:Click on the start up tab at the end.
Step7:Uncheck suspicious start up items

You will be temporary free and you can start your antivirus software peacefully without a system hang.Update the antivirus for latest virus definitions and scan.Let your antivirus take care of the rest of the job.Hope you found the information useful.

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