March 28, 2008

How To Bypass Rapidshare Time Delay For Download Tickets?

You might be tired of seeing Rapidshare's dialogues like "download ticket not ready","Your download will be ready in 5mins" and all.Now here is the way to bypass those delays rapidshare imposes on you.You need firefox for this trick to work.

1.Install Greasemonkey if you haven't yet.
2.Install This Userscript.
3.Go Downloading.

Make sure Greasemonkey is ebabled so that the script can work.For more useful scripts keep visiting Blogger Whale.

How To Download Mp3 Songs From

Tired of searching for rare songs and frustrated about the fact that when you find it on sites like smashits you cannot download it.Now here is the happy part,you can actually download it.Provided you use Mozilla Firefox.

One of the striking addons mozilla have produced is the Video Download helper.It not only downloads videos from any video sharing site,but it can rip anything that is embedded on a page.It can rip pictures,flash files,rm,mp3,pdfs you name it.This addons also helps you to get what you want from too.

Its a multi utility plugin and a must have for the download junkie in you.You can download the Video download helper plugin from here.Happy Downloading.

March 23, 2008

How To Install,Run and Manage Greasemonkey Scripts?

Greasemonkey is a firefox addon that helps you to install multi utility scripts and manage them and make those scripts work for you.These scripts have done wonders and is one major plus point of firefox.IE users don't loose hope,Keep reading.First i will be mentioning how to install,run and manage greasemonkey scripts on Firefox.

1.Install Greasemonkey addon.
2.Now you have the liberty to install greasemonkey scripts.You can find a lot of them at
3.If you want to manage edit or uninstall scripts,just right click on the monkey icon on the bottom right corner of your firefox window and choose your option.

For IE users

IE7Pro Compatibility Script-IE7Pro is a free Internet Explorer add-in that permit creation of User scripts like GreaseMonkey.This one will allow IE fans to enjoy the fullfledged luxury of Greasemonkey.Install IE7Pro Compatibility Script.

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Unblock Torrent Files By Internet Content Filters And Download Them At Your Office Or School

Internet Content filters at most schools,colleges and offices block download from direct links on most torrent sites.But there is a way out.Greasemonkey script 'Unblock torrent files' rescues you out.This script rewrites direct links to .torrent files, as well as torrent links on ISOHunt and Mininova, so that they are downloaded using a user-specified web proxy.Install this script and it asks you to chose the web proxy you want to use.It already has one in default or you can choose another proxy of your preference.After this you need to add the torrent sites the greasemonkey script should handle.You can do this by clicking on the greasemonkey icon on the right bottom of your firefox window and clicking on 'Manage user-scripts'.Once you have completed this,each time you click on the download link on these torrent sites all the download links you get from the site will be "proxied".The content filter would not be able to block these links and you can download your torrent files with ease.

Download the script by clicking here

March 18, 2008

Customize And Make Attractive Cursors Of Your Windows Xp,Vista With CursorFX 2 freeware

Tired of those boring arrowhead cursors,spice up your clicks with free customs cursors using this free software,Cursor FX 2.Its a 15mb download and once installed the user will be open to choose between 100s of cursor themes and most of them with fancy animations.It also supports smooth motion feature something which is not included in the default schemes by microsoft.

A must download for those who like customizing windows.The only negative point being a slightly higher consumption of RAM.Not reccomended if your PC has low RAM.This freeware comes from the rack of Stardock,a company known for its windows customizing products.So you can expect some quality delivered at your computer screens.It has a Cnet rating of four and a half stars.Boast to your friends about your eyecandy cursors because this software really gives the boring cursors a pleasant make over.

You can download Cursor FX2 from here.