March 31, 2007

Videobar and News reel:New features added to Blogger

Blogger has added a new feature or features should i call it.It now allows you to display clips from YouTube and Google Video for your readers to watch without leaving the page by using a new page element call Video Bar.That's not the only new feature
bloggers can now add latest headlines from Google News to blog using another page element Newsreel.Video bar is a thoughtful creation.You can even search for videos to display and guess what,there is a preview-strip which can display 4 preview images.Somewhat similar features comes with Newsreel.It allows you to choose news subjects.That's if you're a Technology blogger you can choose Technology news alone to be displayed.But use that one wisely or you may risk deviating your readers interest.

March 29, 2007

Spiderman3 -the game trailer

The intoxicating trailer of Spiderman3.

SEO quake:A firefox extension for SEO

SEO quake is one useful firefox extension and it's intentionally made for SEO's and webmasters.Seoquake is a Mozilla Firefox extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake allows to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly, save them for future work, compare them with the results, obtained for other, competitive, projects.

You can use it to find out certain parameters such as Google PR (Google PageRank of current page), Google Index (Number of indexed pages. Google version), Google link (Number of links, pointed to the current page. Google version (Except links from concerned domain)), similar parameters for many other search engines (Yahoo, MNS, Yandex, Rambler, Baidu) and some other miscellaneous parameters.Overall it is a good product an why not add it to your rack of Firefox extensions.

March 27, 2007

How To Access Blocked Websites And Games In Your School Or Workspace?

How To Access Blocked Websites And Games In Your School Or Workspace:The easiest method
So you are sick and tired of being restricted to use Orkut and Myspace and you desperately want to play those online games that you loved to play(remember Ragnarok & World of Warcraft).PingFu Iris is the solution for you.

PingFu Iris is a HTTP Tunneling software for users behind restrictive Firewalls and Proxy Servers. PingFu Iris has a special focus on low latency gaming, supporting games including World of Warcraft, GuildWars, MapleStory, Silkroad Online, Rangarok, Runescape. PingFu Iris also helps you surf blocked sites including MySpace and Orkut anonymously using your favourite browser, or chat / instant message your friends using MSN Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Trillian, mIRC, GAIM, gTalk.

You can download PingFu from here.

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Technorati to have a clean-up.Spam blogs will be moved.

Technorati is going for a clean-up session as a part of their performance improvement plan.The first priority they have set is the removal of spam blogs so that they don't show up on Technorati search.Duplicate links and links from known splogs will also be removed.So you can expect a slight deviation in ranking

Take the Einstein test!

"The important thing is to not stop questioning."-Albert Einstein

Find out how intelligent you're the Einstein way.Try to solve this puzzle written by Albert Einstein-the ultimate geek.

1.There are 5 houses in 5 different colours
2. In each house lives a person with a different nationality.
3. These 5 owners drink a certain beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet.
4. No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar or drink the same drink.

1.The Brit lives in a red house.
2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
3.The Dane drinks tea.
4.The green house is on the left of the white house.
5.The green house owner drinks coffee.
6.The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
7.The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8.The man living in the house right in the centre drinks milk.
9.The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10.The man who smokes Blend lives next to the one who keeps cats.
11.The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
12.The owner who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
13.The German smokes Prince.
14.The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15.The man who smokes Blend has a neighbour who drinks water.

The question for the Einstein test is ... WHO KEEPS THE FISH?

Go here for the answer.

[via IQtestcenter]

48 Useful Resources ,Websites And Tools For Some Productive Blogging

Creating perfect content is impossible.But getting anywhere near is possible when the
webworld you're living in is Web2.0.I am sharing with you 101 Web2.o resources for information,education and simply stupid fun.

If you're looking for info.
4.WordWeb Online
8.Acronym Finder
9.Merriam-Webster Online
10Word Spy
12.World Wide Words
14.Yahoo answers
18.Frappr Map

Tools that make your life easy.
19.Firefox extensions
21.Google gadgets
26.Google Analytics
28.Performancing blog editor

Legal free stuff
------------------ ebooks
30.Give away of the day- for softwares

For photos

Online Photoeditors

March 26, 2007

Don't trust your eyes! - "WTF Pic Of The Decade"

In the pic below you can see two faces.A normal face on the right and a wicked one on the left.Now get up from your chair and walk some 8 steps back and see the magic.The two faces interchange their positions.

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5O Things That Make You Happy

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March 25, 2007

The Evolution of Apple.

Apple Inc. will celebrate its 31'st birthday this april and Steve jobs will be a proud man to have come this far from virtually no where.Here's a look at the evolution of Apple products.A journey through time from 1976 to 2007.

The Macintosh 128K marked the beginning of a legendary company.Introduced in January 1984 at the price of $2495 US, it had a beige case and was fully self-contained. An indentation in the top of the case allowed the computer to be lifted and carried.
The Macintosh 512K Personal Computer, the second of a long line of Apple Macintosh computers, was the first update to the original Macintosh 128K. It was virtually identical to the previous Mac, differing primarily in the amount of built-in memory, which quadrupled the original's. This large increase earned it the nickname Fat Mac.

The Macintosh XL was a modified version of the Apple Lisa personal computer made by Apple Computer. In the Macintosh XL configuration, the computer shipped with MacWorks XL, a Lisa program that allowed 64K Macintosh ROM emulation. An identical machine was sold as the Lisa 2/10 with the Lisa OS only.

The Macintosh Plus computer was the third model in the Macintosh line, introduced two years after the original Macintosh and a little more than a year after the Macintosh 512K. It originally had a beige case, but in 1987, the case color was changed to the long-lived "platinum" color.

The Macintosh SE was a personal computer manufactured by Apple. This computer marked a significant improvement on the Macintosh Plus design and was introduced by Apple at the same time as the Macintosh II. It had a similar case to the original Macintosh computer, but with slight differences in colour and styling.

The Macintosh II series (or sometimes simply Mac II series) was a series of personal computers in the Apple Macintosh line.The Macintosh II models were "modular" systems which did not include built-in monitors and were intended for business use. Beginning with the Macintosh II and culminating in the Macintosh IIfx, the Mac II series was Apple Computer's high-end line from 1987 until the introduction of the Motorola 68040-based Macintosh Quadra computers in 1991.

The Macintosh Portable was Apple Computer's first attempt at making a portable Macintosh personal computer that held the power of a desktop Macintosh and included the capabilities of a professional business Macintosh such as the Macintosh IIci.

The Macintosh Classic (code-named XO and Civic) was the first Apple Macintosh personal computer introduced at a price under US$1000. Demand for another "all-in-one"/"compact" Mac, such as the popular Macintosh Plus and the SE, spurred the introduction of the Classic.

The Macintosh LC (meaning low-cost color) was Apple Computer's product family of low-end consumer Macintosh personal computers in the early 1990s. The original Macintosh LC was released in 1990, primarily for the education and home markets, and notable for being the first affordable color Macintosh to the average first-time computer buyer. Together with the Mac IIsi, it introduced built-in audio input on the Mac.

The Apple Macintosh Classic II (also known as the Performa 200) replaced the Macintosh SE/30 in the compact Macintosh line in 1991. Like the SE/30, the Classic II was powered by a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU and 40 or 80 MB hard disk, but in contrast to its predecessor, it was limited by a 16-bit data bus and a 10 MiB memory ceiling.

The Macintosh Quadra series was Apple Computer's product family of professional high-end Apple Macintosh personal computers built using the Motorola 68040 CPU from 1991 until the Power Mac was introduced in 1994. The product manager for the Quadra family was Frank Casanova who was also the Product Manager for the Macintosh IIfx. The first models were the Quadra 700 and Quadra 900, both introduced in 1991.

The PowerBook is a line of Apple Mac laptop computers that was designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from 1991 to 2006. During its lifetime, the PowerBook went through several major revisions and redesigns, often being the first to incorporate features that would later become standard in competing laptops. The PowerBook line was targeted at the professional market, and received numerous awards, especially in the second half of its life, such as the 2001 Industrial Design Excellence Awards "Gold" status, and Engadget's 2005 "Laptop of the Year".

The Macintosh Performa series was Apple Computer's consumer product family of Apple Macintosh personal computers from 1992 until 1997, when the introduction of the Power Macintosh x500 ended this product line. The Performa series was not in actuality a new line of computers per se but simply renamed models from Apple's regular line of computers sold in computer stores, such as Quadra, Centris, LC, Power Mac, and so on. The series was introduced in 1992 with the Performa 200, which was essentially a renamed Macintosh Classic II.

The PowerBook Duo was a line of small subnotebooks manufactured and sold by Apple Computer from 1992 until 1997 as a more compact companion to the PowerBook line. The duo came in seven different models. They were the Duo 210, 230, 250, 270c, 280, 280c, and 2300c, with the 210 and 230 being the earliest, and 2300c being the final incarnation before the entire line was dropped in early 1997.

The Macintosh Color Classic was the first color compact Apple Macintosh computer. It was essentially a Macintosh LC II with an integrated 10" Sony Trinitron color display with 512×384 pixel resolution. This integrated unit resembled the original Mac series, albeit slightly expanded, (see Macintosh Plus for an example), hence "Classic." In Japan and some other markets - but not the US - Apple later released the Color Classic II, which doubled the RAM and speed. The Color Classic was also sold to consumers in the United States as the Performa 250, and the Color Classic II as Performa 275. The Color Classic was the final model of the original "compact" Macintosh family of computers.

The Macintosh TV was Apple Computer's first attempt at computer-television integration. It shared the external appearance of the Macintosh LC 500 series, but in black. The Macintosh TV was essentially a Performa 520 which could switch its built-in 14" Sony Trinitron CRT from being a computer display to a cable-ready television. It was incapable of showing television feeds in a desktop window, although it could capture still frames to PICT files. Ironic for a system based around television, one of the big reasons cited for its failure was its sub-par (especially for Macs) graphics performance.

Power Macintosh, later Power Mac, was a line of Apple Macintosh workstation-class personal computers based on various models of PowerPC microprocessors that was developed, marketed, and supported by Apple Inc. from March 1994 until August 2006. The first models were the Power Macintosh 6100, 7100, and 8100, which offered speeds ranging from 60 to 110 MHz. These machines replaced Apple's Quadra series of personal computers, and were housed in cases very similar to systems sold by Apple up to that point.

The PowerBook 500 series (codenamed Blackbird) was a range of Apple Macintosh PowerBook portable computers first introduced by Apple Computer with the 520 model on 16 May 1994. The 500 series was the first computer to use a trackpad instead of a trackball as a built-in pointing device.

Apple released the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (often called simply TAM) in May of 1997 to mark the 20th anniversary of Apple Computer, not the Macintosh. The system was built to look state of the art, but used common components and technologies readily available at that time, and suffered from being overpriced and under-powered.

The Power Macintosh G3, commonly called "beige G3s" or "platinum G3s" for the color of their cases, is a series of personal computers that was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from November 1997 to January 1999. It was the first Macintosh to use the PowerPC G3 (PPC750) microprocessor, and replaced a number of earlier Power Macintosh models, in particular the 7300, 8600 and 9600 models. It was succeeded by the Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White), which kept the name but introduced a radically different design.

The PowerBook G3 was a professional line of laptop Macintosh computers made by Apple between 1997 to 2000. It was the first laptop to use the PowerPC G3 (PPC740/750) series of microprocessors. It was succeeded by the Titanium PowerBook G4 line in 2001, which used the PowerPC G4 (PPC74xx) series of microprocessors.

imac has been a large part of Apple's consumer desktop offerings since its introduction in 1998 and has evolved through three distinct forms.The machine enjoys a relatively high profile in popular culture due to its distinctive aesthetics and Apple's successful marketing. The iMac and other Macintosh computers can also be seen in various movies, commercials, and TV shows (both live action and animated) due to their wide use in video editing/film production.

The iBook is a line of laptop computers that was developed and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. between 1999 and 2006. It was targeted at the consumer and education markets, with fewer features and lower prices than the PowerBook, and more recently, the MacBook Pro. The MacBook replaced the iBook line in May 2006.

Power Mac G4 Cube (sometimes erroneously referred to as the Power Macintosh G4 Cube) was a quiet, fanless, compact Macintosh personal computer from Apple Inc. It was sold from 2000 to 2001.

By 2002, the iMac G3 needed to be superseded. The iMac G3's processor and 15-inch monitor were quickly becoming outdated. In January 2002, a flat panel iMac was launched with a completely new design. A 15-inch LCD was mounted on an adjustable arm above a hemisphere containing a full-size, tray-loading optical drive and a fourth-generation CPU (the PPC 74xx-series). Apple advertised it as having the flexibility of a desk lamp, similar to "Luxo Jr.", who was featured in a short film produced by Pixar, another venture of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Indeed, it was nicknamed the "iLamp". This LCD computer was known and sold as The New iMac throughout its production life, but after it was discontinued, it was retroactively labeled iMac G4.

The eMac, short for "education Mac", was a Macintosh desktop computer made by Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.). It was originally aimed at the education market, then available as a cheaper, mass market option over Apple's second generation iMac.The eMac was discontinued by Apple as of July 5, 2006 and replaced with a cheaper, low-end iMac originally sold exclusively to educational institutions, but later released to the general public in September 2006.

Between 2001–2003, Apple produced the Titanium PowerBook G4; between 2003–2006, the Aluminum models were produced. Both models were hailed for their modern design, long battery life and processing power. When the Aluminum PowerBook G4s were first released, however, only 12 and 17 inch models were available, so the Titanium PowerBook G4 remained available until the 15" PowerBook G4 was released in September of 2003.The PowerBook G4 line was the last generation of the PowerBook, and was phased out in favor of various Intel-powered MacBook Pro models in the first half of 2006.

The Mac mini is the smallest desktop computer marketed by Apple Inc. It is designed to attract owners of Windows computers, iPods, older Macintosh models, and anyone interested in a low budget, easy-to-use personal computer.Two models of the Mac mini were released in the U.S. on January 22, 2005 (January 29 worldwide).

The Macbook-a geek's dream machine.The MacBook replaced the iBook G4 series as well as the last of the PowerBook series, the 12" PowerBook G4. The original MacBook was built around the Intel Core Duo chip. Every model has a built-in iSight webcam, and a magnetic latch mechanism. The MacBook line is the companion to the higher-end MacBook Pro line.


Copyright your work 'the Web2.0 way' with numly.

Flexibility is Web2.0 is all about.The Web2.0 people[bloggers,digital artists and anyone creating content online]try day and night to make their content more reachable.When we are too much concentrated in making the content mobile,we miss to protect our content.The result is plagiarism.No one can be blamed for this.Copyrighting your every content when your are creating so much is difficult.I was having the same difficulties.When i stumbled upon this firefox extention 'Numly copyright' i felt i found a much awaited solution and considered it important to share with other bloggers too.
Numly copyright is a firefox extension that registers documents and blogs for Numly copyright. Numly Numbers are unique identifiers of electronic media and recognized worldwide by electronic publishing companies and electronic content providers.It's a simple and quick to generate and serve as branded identifier for individuals or companies authoring or distributing electronic content and media.

The amateur account is free and the professional account will cost $4.95 USD / month.
There is one more advantage of using this service.It allows you to track your content
no matter where you post your content.Numly numbers serve as an electronic timestamp of submission. They also allow you to track who is viewing your content and when it is accessed, monitor ratings, and can be used as permalinks.

Download the 'Generate Numly Copyright' firefox plugin
Download the plugin for Wordpress blogs

March 21, 2007

15 things you didn't know about Google.

!Google secret 1:There are only 15 sites on the internet with a Google page rank of 10.

They are :
!Google secret 2:Google has 139 domains[like in India] in total facilitating countrywise search in 139 countries.

!Google secret 3:Ever missed those witty holiday logos.You can revive your memory and revisit those holiday logos you found on the Google search page at this hidden page in Google.

Hidden pages in Google

!Google secret 4:If you Google for Microsoft you will land in a hidden page in Google.

!Google secret 5:If you Google for UncleSam you will be taken to a US government search page.

!Google secret 6:If you Google for linux you will find a hidden page.

Google secret 7:If you Google for bsd you will find a hidden page.

Google secret 8:If you Google for mac you will be taken to a page with google downloads for your mac.

!Google secret 9:If you Google for firefox you will find a familiar firefox homepage.

!Google secret 10:If you search buy viagra at YahooUK you will get a funny result page.


[pic via:SEO blackhat]

....want more.Some more hidden pages.
!Google secret 11:Did you know the romantic side of Google.See here.

!Google secret 12:When Google goes to the moon.

!Google secret 13:Google defines pigeon rank .

!Google secret 14:Google Vs Yahoo Vs Msn.

Google search

!Google secret 15:When Google fooled you in 2000.

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March 20, 2007

Social media optimization for beginners.

Lisa Barone at Searchengineguide has an informative article on social media optimization.She has covered the basics of SMO and has discussed the benefits of it.She also has some strategies to pull tremendous traffic through SMO.

There's a great sense of relief when you finally admit to yourself that, though it sounds cool, you have no idea what it means to Digg, Stumble or Spurl. That you spell delicious without random periods and that, in your world, Reddit is two words and not at all spelled like that. As an average Web user, you don't have to be a fan of social media optimization. However, as a site owner, you do need to know that it ex....

March 17, 2007

How often does alexa search engine crawl your site?Find it out from alexa itself.

So you know search engine bots are indexing your blog,but you still want more insider info.And the most intriguing question always remains how often does these search engine check us out for updates.Here's a way to find that out in the case of alexa search engine.

One of the best features has to offer after their traffic stats service is 'The Wayback Machine'.It creates a snapshot of the webpage each time it crawls the site.The motive behind this feature as the put it is to demonstrate the scalability of their Heritrix web crawler.So when you type in the url and hit enter you will taken to an archive of snapshots of that particular site and obviously from the snapshot dates one can easily guess how often the site is crawled by alexa.

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March 16, 2007

Link building & traffic the Mybloglog way

Broc at Existential Ventures came up with an interesting idea for attracting links to his site.And what is he doing?He is running a contest to which you'll be enrolled if you join his Mybloglog community and comment on his post.And the prize is a Canon Photo Printer.Now that's a creative idea,isn't it?

March 13, 2007

How to download flash videos and streaming content from any site?

Imagine if you could download all your favourite videos streaming on Youtube and metacafe even those cool flash movies you find everyday with just one tool.One couldn't
ask for a better downloader than Orbit downloader.Wait it's not the only feature this cool tool has.See below the features of this tiny 1.66mb download

  • Extreme download acceleration.
  • Support Youtube video,Rapidshare files download.
  • Catch Flash and Streaming media online.
  • Support IE,Firefox,Maxthon,Opera.
  • Support Metalink download.
  • Support HTTP,HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols.
  • Support Proxy server configuration.
  • Support download pasue and resume.
  • General download management.
Orbit downloader can be used as:

  • Dailymotion Video Downloader
  • Metacafe Video Downloader
  • Google Video Downloader
  • Myspace Video Downloader
  • FLV Downloader
  • Flash Video Downloader
  • Flash Games Downloader
  • RapidShare Downloader
  • To Download All in FireFox Using Orbit Downloader.
  • Metalink Downloader
  • Streaming Media Downloader

This is one hell of a product.This is even compatible with Windows Vista.And the most creamy part is that it's free.

Download Orbit Downloader
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A compilation of best 'How to' videos on Youtube.

This post is a compilation of best 'How to' videos streaming on Youtube.Do give me a feedback on this list.Let's begin.

>How to Create a Web 2.0-Style Logo?


>How to be popular on Youtube?

>How to make lockpicks?

>How to train a cat to operate a light switch?

>How To Solve A Rubik's Cube Easily?

>How to make an optical mouse work in mid air?

>How to draw a car in MS Paint?


>How not Get Ass Kicked by Police?

>How to make your own PS3 6-axis controller?

>How to Moon Walk?

>How to do a Wheelie?


>How to take your PSP apart and install PSP TV?

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Search not lucky for Google again!

For those who don't know the story i'm talking about,few months back searching google for the word 'search' was a talk in the blogosphere because when you clicked on the
'I'm feeling lucky' button you were directed windowslive search.An update to that news.Now when you do the same you'll be directed to the page.Feel's like the search engine giant has problems with luck.

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March 11, 2007

Spice up your blogger profile.Answer some random questions.

I really thought of giving it a try when i noticed that number of people viewing my profile is increasing.I wanted to spice my profile page a little bit.But there was hardly anything to add to change the boring look of that page.My eyes accidentally collided with the 'Ask me a random question' box.I skimmed through the questions and found out some funny questions.Here are a few:

>How tall would be if you didn't cut your finger nails.

>Oscillate my metallic sonatas with your plan for the Panama canal.

>When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

>Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

>You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

>Paper or briefs?

>For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note.

>What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

>Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

>Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

So the next time you update your profile don't forget to spice it up with an answer to a random question.

[This feature is only available on Blogger platform]

March 09, 2007

Calvien Klein's hilarious effort to reach the youth.

The international perfume brand Calvien Klein's latest marketing mantra is web2.0.Their latest efforts to attract the social networking teen is worth a look.Valleywag has an interesting post on the topic.
A short excerpt:
There's nothing quite as laughable as a superannuated brand's attempt to tap into a new generation. Calvin Klein, a label which had its heyday in the 1990s, is launching a new scent aimed at teens and twentysomethings who've grown up with texting, Myspace and blogs. The label's

Read Valleywag's full article.

How to make your blog an adsense powerhouse?

Although i know i'm presenting an article on a subject that is much blogged about,
my aim is to present a different view of adsense optimization.Blogger Whale's listing
here some adsense techniques which i believe will genuinely increase your blog's revenue.

1.Get high paying ads:

Everyone wants it,but only a few get it because they know this.Adsense displays relevant ads after scanning the page's content most importantly the title and the labels.Here's how to get high paying ads on your blog.
:>After creating a post,copy all the important keywords from that post on to a notepad file.
:>Now use a good keyword research tool and find the highest paying keywords from the copied list.If there are'nt any high paying keywords in your post,then do a little bit of research with wordsrelated to your article.
:>Then incorporate those high paying keywords neatly on to your post title.
Also you can add those remaining words [you failed to incorporate in the title] as labels.

You can do some good research on high paying keywords at Iotaweb.

2.Eliminate low paying ads:

The first method does not completely make sure that low paying ads are kept
away from your blog/website because as i mentioned earlier adsense scans the
the whole page before displaying relevant ads.So you need to make sure that those
relevant ads does not contain low paying ads.I hope you still have that notepad file
with you.Keep that open and go to and get a list of low paying
ads related to those keywords.Copy that list and go to your adsense account>adsense setup>competitive ads filter and paste those sites in the filter box.It's perfectly ok and doesn't violate adsense TOS.Adsense allows some 200 sites in the filter,but if you're blogging about topics from a particular field then you'll never need that number because the same ads are going to be repeated.

3.Eyecandy text ads:

Make sensible use of the traffic you recieve.Don't irritate readers with terrible ad presentation.Here are a couple of tricks you can follow.
>Make sure the text ads doesn't have annoying background colours that are too dark.
>Making link colour somewhat similar to your blogs text colour will add some more attraction to the ads.

4.Learn from Adsense case studies:

The best resource to learn about successful adpositioning is from adsense itself.Adsense blog regularly posts case study results which you can use for your advantage.Moreover keeping up with the adsense blog is a fine way to know about the latest trends in adsense optimization.

Hope you found this article useful.If you liked this post then get free subscription
to Blogger Whale

The rich and the young.

A new list of billionaires has been released by Forbes.
In the latest count there are 946 billionaires among whom 178 are newcomers.Coincidentally 40 of them fall below the age group of 40.

In Asia, India had the highest number of billionaires, overtaking Japan, which for two decades had held the region's top spot.India had 36 billionaires worth a total $191 billion while Japan's 24 billionaires were worth $64 billion

From the tech industry...

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are now worth $16.6 billion each, and the speed at which they amassed their fortune far is exceeding the pace of Gates, the magazine said. They both were ranked No. 26 on the list.

Back on the list were BET television network founder Robert Johnson and AOL's Stephen Case, in 840th place with $1.1 billion and 891st with $1 billion, respectively.

Computer maker Michael Dell and the heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton fell from the top 20. Dell was No. 30, worth $15.8 billion, and four Waltons were worth from $16.4 billion to $16.8 billion, ranking 23rd to 29th.

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates was the richest man for the 13th straight year, with $56 billion, followed by Warren Buffett, chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., with $52 billion. Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim remained No. 3, with $49 billion.


March 07, 2007

Blogger Whale's blogger friends

Blogger Whale has decided to start a 'blog roll'.I've decided to name it 'Blogger friends'.So if any of you bloggers out there are interested,then just add a permalink to my blog and be found in the 'Blogger friends' list.I'm starting of the list with links to those who linked to my content.

Blogger friends
Basic Thinking
Chess Strategies101
Jack Bauer
Artoo Links - SEO Friendly Directory Droid

March 06, 2007

10 productive things to do when you don't feel like blogging

On one particular day of your blog life,you wake up and you don't feel like blogging.But you still don't want to feel or sound or look lazy.So what's the way out.How about a productive break?Here are a few things you can do which don't require tremendous effort from your part but will add points to your blog.

1.Submit your blog&feed to directories.
This one would be an efficient use of time as it increases your chances of being discovered at the same time gives you a bit more exposure in the blogosphere.You can find some directories for blog and rss submission from

2.Format your posts.
You can do spell checks,change the picture positions,validate the links or add more useful links to your existing posts.Dividing long posts into short paragraphs will give a classy look to the article.Or you can consider adding bookmarklets below your
posts which will make it easy for your reader to do social bookmarking.

3.Modify the template.
Play with your blog template.You always wanted to do it,right.Change the banners,backgrounds,the css buttons,sidebar positions etc.This will add a fresh look
to your blog.

4.Tweak the ads.
Tryout new positions for your ads.Position them at points where the would get maximum
exposure.Change the ads background and link colour.Try to make those boring ads a lil
bit eyecandy.

5.Analyse your growth.
Combine the data about you blog and its traffic from Google Analytics,Feedburner,Technorati etc. and get a big picture of your blog's progress.Check out how your ranks have improved and find out where your loyal readers
are from.

6.Create a ravishing avatar/favicon.
Why spend time on creating an avatar?Now as communities like Mybloglog have evolved,there's no wonder if you find your picture on the blog you're reading.Mybloglog widgets are now on almost every blog.So creating an avatar which defines you or your blog will be a good investment of your time.Same are the reasons in the case of a favicon.

7.Check out the top100.
Find out what the top blogs are upto.Skim through their presentation styles,the templates,the boasting numbers and the fat subscriberships.There's a lot to learn and
more knowledge will do only good in the blogosphere.

8.Build relationship with other bloggers.
Make someones day by commenting on his blog.Commenting on blogs related to your subject of expertise will be a good idea,since it elevates the chances of pulling inbound links.But don't forget to leave your blog title and url along with the comments you make.

9.Get some motivation.
Reread your most applauded articles,the inspiring responses,the thanks messages.If you still don't get that punch,remember that you've a reputation to keep up with.

10.Surf around.
Surfing around other blogs or news websites will help you find subjects you would be interested in blogging about.Make a 'To blog' list and do some research on items you'll be blogging about.

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