July 17, 2008

Youplayer:Winamp Like Youtube PlayerMake Play list Of Videos::

If you are a regular Youtuber then you must have really encountered with the problem of going back and forth from the searched items while Video surfing.And you just wish if you could make a playlist of youtube videos and just sit back and enjoy.

Well Youplayer is one such addon for all firefox users.Hasslefree youtube is at service with Youplayer.Drag and drop video links to this external player which incorporates itself on the browser sidebar and what you get is a Winamp like effect.It has also a dozen more features that comes with it.You can also drag drop links from Google video,Metacafe and Myspace.If you already have a good collection of Youtube videos you can drag and drop files from your local hard drive and play it on Youplayer.One more feature that is worth mentioning is that,theFre is also an option to download the file you are viewing.You just need to right click and choose download.The addon is also compatible with Flock web browser.

You can get Youplayer for firefox from here.

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