July 20, 2008

Download Songs From Muxtape Easily

If you are into music sharing you will surely have heard of Muxtape.And this article will tell you how to get songs from Muxtape.There are two ways for getting this done.I will explain both of them.Choose whichever suits you.You need firefox for both this tricks to work.

First Method
1.Install the firefox addon Video Download Helper .It is a multi utility addon that can get you any embedded content.
2.Direct to the muxtape song page.
3.When Video Download Helper detects the embedded object its icon will start rotating just on the side of the address bar.
4.Click on it and drop down list will appear with the embedded song in it.
5.Click on it download.

Second Method
1.Install Greasemonkey script for firefox and enable it
2.Click on this and install this greasemonkey script
3.Direct to the muxtape song page.
4.The script when installed shows a download link to the song on the song page.
5.Click on it and download it.
6.Rename the downloaded file into mp3.

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