July 11, 2008

Search biggest torrent databases for files in firefox:Find better seeded ones in a snap

What do you usually do when you have to find torrents.Search torrent database you think is the most extensive.Well that is quite a tough job and tiresome when you want to search a different torrent network each time to find if there is a better seeding there.So all those firefox users here is a happy news,you can now search over the most popular torrent databases on the planet and find the best result without dropping any sweat.

Torrent Finder Toolbar search the most popular 180 torrent sites which includes

IsoHunt ,Demonoid ,BitTorrentMonster ,The Pirate Bay ,UseNext ,Torrent Spy ,Fenopy ,MiniNova ,2torrents ,BiteNova ,Bush Torrent ,Snafit ,Meganova ,New Torrents ,Monova ,Torrent Reactor ,Torrent Box ,Torrent Portal ,Fulldls.com ,Torrent Valley ,bt junkie ,Riratic.org ,Pro Torrent ,BT-Chat ,Torrent Locomotive ,LiteBay,Wtorrent,SloTorrent.net ,TORRENTAT ,Zoozle ,Torrent Radar ,Dino Torrent ,Extreme Nova ,Nova Lite ,ExtraTorrent.com ,MyBitTorrent ,Piratenova.org ,The Pirate Box ,Saugstube ,Bitreactor.to ,Bitbull.to ,Torrent Galaxy ,Bit-Torrents ,Tokyo Toshokan ,Torrentz.ws ,Torrentz ,BitTorrent ,BtBot ,Torrentz ,flexbeta ,Orb ,Only Torrents ,Tracktrap ,Yotoshi v2 ,Torrents Hub ,Astatorrents ,Fkee BT ,Google ,Need Torrents ,Throughput.de ,Torrent Bay ,RockBox ,Torrent Matrix ,EmuParadise BT Tracker ,Zero Tracker ,h33t ,Conspiracy Central ,Indy Torrents ,Hunt Park Insider Futbol ,BNBT Tracker ,Games Torrents ,DescargasWEB ,DivXTotal ,TNT Village Scambio ,Smart Torrent ,Elite Team ,Tokyo Nights ,Podtropolis ,ebookshare.net ,Game Updates ,X TV Interactive ,Linux Tracker ,ZEOEZ ,LinuxTracker.de ,File List ,BitME.ORG ,TorrentDamage ,Bitsoup.org ,I love torrents ,Libitina.net ,UNDERGROUND ,Total Torrents ,DEVILOID.NET ,Badbits.org ,Cyber Storm ,Softorrent ,SWETorrents ,Peer Portal ,Super-Torrents ,Torrent Ice ,GeoTorrents ,Torrent Hackers ,Tri-Tavern ,EzTorrents ,Zomb Torrents ,Deep Space ,Torrent Leech ,IPTorrents ,Aradi Tracker ,Libble.com ,DSB Tracker ,Revolutiontt ,Shadow World ,DIDIDave ,Bitnation.com ,My Spleen ,Torrent Team.au ,High Speed Torrents ,Pimp Torrent ,katastrofa ,
Extreme Share ,Torrent Bits ,TV Torrents ,ABetterPlace2B ,Xbox Sky ,FileMP3.org ,MusicVids ,myMusixxTorrent ,Lankan Torrents ,Torrents.bol.bg ,Warez FR ,Snow Tigers ,Free Torrent ,Shared.cl ,ArebaBG ,Zentrale Multi Tracker ,Torrent Turkey ,Greek Tracker ,Witch Tracker ,Colombo ,BTParadise ,OUTLAW ,Doyana Kadar ,Arab Files ,Arab Films ,ToDo Torrents ,PirateBits ,XS Portal ,Torrents Mexico ,File.lv ,Danger.lv ,Torrent Land ,FatalBits ,AniRenA ,Dreamorabt.com ,Da Torrents ,Box Torrents ,DeadFrog Anime ,Frozen-Layer Network ,Download Anime ,SaiyaMan.Net ,Animersion ,Point Blank Tracker ,Arab Animes ,AnimeX ,Anime Yume ,Anime Suki

Feeling dizzy by seeing the list.You cannot search a bigger database so smoothly and this toolbar is one must addon you must have if you are a torrent junkie.You can get the addon from here.

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