July 20, 2008

How To Turn Off Auto Update In Firefox

Firefox has this bad habit of checking for update for the browser,search engines and the installed addons.And if found any Firefox installs the update for you in the background which obviously retards the performance of your browser.It may come up with this just at the wrong time when the last thing you want is a browser update.This a tutorial on how to turn off this habit of firefox and enjoy peace of mind.

1.Click Tools
3.Go to Advanced
4.Click on Updates
5.Uncheck all the boxes below "Automatically check for updates"

There you go.No more unwanted social service from firefox.


  1. thank you so much.. its always irritating because of the auto updates which disabled my megaupload

  2. Thanks.... I really need that for a firefox version which I have infected to get login information from my collage's computer lab. So thank you very much.. Now I am overloaded with the huge range of passwords.

  3. Hiya Fellow

    That was a useful post as Firefox 4.0 sucks and crashes every time. I jumped back to 3.6 and disabled the updates.

    Thanks for the post

  4. Did that. It totally ignored the setting and continued to do what it likes to do. What to do now?

  5. Thanks. I hope it will disable the pesky requests to upgrade to Firefox 5... (I won't upgrade until my add-ons will be compatible).

  6. Epic post, keep up the good work.


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