July 19, 2008

Magic Password Generator:Create Custom Passwords For Each Website

There are sure a lot of sites you browse everyday which demands a registered account in order to fully utilize the site features.There comes a new account a new password.Inorder to secure your accounts smartly you try to create a password hard to crack and in this process repeating with a bunch of websites you end up having a pile of passwords hard to remember.So what is the solution.Custom passwords for each site and a tool that remembers these passwords for you and protects those passwords from outside access by locking it with a master password.Sounds good.Read on.

Magic password generator is an addon to firefox that helps you do what i mentioned just above.The real use of this great tool shows off when you quite a number of passwords to remember.With this you only have to remember the master password and oh la la the addon does the rest of the job for you.Youtube,Gmail,Yahoo,Metacafe,Digg,Technorati,Reddit,Dailymotion and how many other sites do you access everyday and how many new ones do you join.I know the number goes on increasing as the time you spend on the internet increases.This tool manages your current accounts and assists you in creating and managing new accounts.Worth installing but on the dark side it is capable of managing only one email id which will be the master id.

You can install the addon from here.

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