July 20, 2008

Interesting Youtube Videos - "Best Of" Part I

Hi folks,i am starting this new section called "Best of" where i will be posting and blogging about interesting videos i find on Youtube.I hope all of you will like this idea.Starting of with a list of few videos i found really amusing and cool.

First Video--How to Remove Scratches From Any DVD

This video is about cleaning those unwanted scratches from CDs and DVDs using household items like Toothpaste,Peanut butter,Diet coke,Baking soda and Paper towels.

Second Video--How To Get Six Pack Abs Without A Single Crunch
Want six pack abs?but can't do countless crunches right.Well this is not a video on how to make a magic potion that will get those fat off you and carve six packs of rock hard abs.It explains you highly effective alternatives.A good video.

Third Video--Most Expensive Commercial Ever Made ["As they say it"]

This video supposedly cost the makers $6.2million.But the ad is a piece of work.Brilliant in all senses.This is an ad for motor company 'Honda'.Check it out.

Fourth Video--Kid doing crazy bike stunts

Kid doing some serious bike stunts on what looks like a miniature super bike.Video quality is slightly bad.But the content is surely impressive.

How to charge an Ipod using electrolyte and an onion

Charge any mp3 player of Ipod using household item.Just an educational video.They advise not to risk expensive equipments by trying this hack on them.

Hope you liked this post.Check in soon for updates.

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