July 02, 2008

How To Download Torrents With In Firefox?

Ever thought what would it be like to get all the features of a classy torrent client embedded to your favourite browser.Well that is what you get with Foxtorrent and Firefox.Foxtorrent is an torrent client addon for firefox which actually gives the browser a flexible hand which could make it a popular name in the torrent streets.

Itworks on windows,mac and ubuntu linux and is completely hassle free.Download happens in the background.It consumes only about 8mb of RAM and does not eat up the entire bandwidth.So you can still browse Youtube and the torrent will still be downloaded at a consistent rate.It has automatic support for NATs and uPNPs.Therefore portforwarding maynot be necessary.

Few minus points also comes with the package.A thirdparty networking client software 'Redswoosh' is installed with the addons(No it's not a virus,just don't get surprised when Firwall ask for permitting Redswoosh.Just allow the connection and that's it).Also the details are not displayed well while downloading like the download and upload speed.Apart from these an addons of great use.A must install.

You can install Foxtorrent addon from here.

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