April 25, 2008

Paypal Might Block Apple Safari,Opera And Other Browsers Classified As Unsafe.

Paypal has plans to block browsers classified as unsafe.The classification is based on exclusion of anti-phishing tools.Mozilla Firfox3 and IE7 has included Extended Verification SSL certificates which is expected to be the standard of browser safety and paypal expects the unsafe browsers include this on their updated versions.Browsers run on mobile devices iphone and gaming systems like Nintendo wii would also be barred.This information was provided by paypal for its shareholders.

Paypal is also planning improved security measures with Yahoo to prevent fraudulent mails faked as been sent by paypal.Paypal would notify the user on his first login using the unsafe browser.After that the browser will be entirely blocked.

Yahoo Fighting Click Frauds.Invalid Clicks Wont Be Making Money

Yahoo has introduced a new system to eliminate invalid clicks or what may be termed as fraudulent clicks.The system is called 'Click Protection System' and the publisher will be getting a 'Click Filter Report' on his YPN homepage.This report will be a summary of the clicks identified as invalid.Yahoo has introduced this system so as to ensure quality traffic to its advertisers.In Yahoo 's terms this would be a big blow to all click fraud mafia who targets a particular industry in most cases.

The practicality of this system is yet to be seen.However Yahoo seems to be optimistic about getting positive results.The report is anyhow made customisable with option to include details like Impressions,invalid clicks, invalid click rate, and average cost-per-click.This new system introduction will be followed by many such plans as a part of Yahoo's quest for quality traffic production.Yahoo's tie up with 'Click Forensics' might be one of the best measures ever taken by the YPN.

How To Capture Streaming Audio Or Any Sound That Plays On Your Computer Using Free Software Audacity

Yes you read it right.You can capture any streaming audio content using audacity and this doesn't cost you a penny.You can get a free copy of Audacity from here.Once you have installed audacity,open a new file.Set the recording medium as 'Stereo mix'.Click on the recording button and open your browser and open the streaming content link.Play till the end and after that stop recording at Audacity.Do a little bit of trim work to chip
of the blank portions at the beginning.

You can also do the same to capture any sound playing on your computer.Audacity does not allow to save the recording as mp3 on default.Don't worry!!You can tackle this easily by downloading a dll file-lame_enc.dll and copying it to the plugin directory of audacity.Once you have done this,you will be able to save your recordings in mp3 format.Happy Recording..

April 10, 2008

Cannot login to Myspace?What to do when your Myspace account is phished ?

There maybe other reasons than a hacked account if your myspace profile looks messed up and different from the way you left it.A faulty html/css code is one of it.If it is a case of phishing then try retreiving your password using the password retrieval tool.If that doesn't do the job,try emailing Myspace customer service.This might do the job for you.

In case of a html/css error try replacing the recently installed layout.A faulty code on the layout can result in a mess for your profile.And if someone is pretending to be you on a fake profile,you can prevent any further annoyance by sending a "salute" to Myspace.
What is a "salute"?
An image of yourself holding a handwritten sign with the word "MySpace.com" and your Friend ID (your Friend ID number appears immediately after "friendID=" in the web address/URL when viewing your profile).Myspace then removes the profile that uses your identity without your permission.This is possible only in cases when the faker is using your pic as his/her profile pic."Salute" should be mailed to the customer care id mentioned above.

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April 06, 2008

Mesothelioma Lawyers Can Claim You Good Bucks.Treat For Your Pockets.

Confused by the title.Guessing what mesothelioma is doing on Blogger Whale??.Just because this will be an interesting information for all fellow readers.

Wiki says
Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is almost always caused by previous exposure to asbestos.In this disease, malignant cells develop in the mesothelium, a protective lining that covers most of the body's internal organs.

And something you didnt know about mesothelioma,"Mesothelioma Lawyers" is the highest paid keyword on Google adwords and each click on its ad costs an advertiser a whoppy sigle click value of 55$.So all you medical and health bloggers out there make sure you post something about it and hope that mesothelioma pays your bills for a while.