July 18, 2008

Foxit reader-The best alternative to Adobe Reader

Imagine all features of Adobe reader and minus all the choas and memory consumption.What you get is Foxit reader.A priceless software that comes with a pile of features.The most notable being quick instant loading.Foxit reader won't make you memorise the list of plug-ins and the developer names before it starts up.It consists of an inbuilt pdf to text converter.So you can get the text out of ebooks without using an external converter.

It also has tab viewing.You can browse around pdf files in a firefox similar fashion.Unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader it has a multimedia playback functionality.So reading multimedia ebooks is no big task.Moreover it is light weight software with just a 2.5mb compared to Adobe reader which is around 20mb.Hassle free and optimal in functionality Foxit reader is one software you need to have on your system.

You can get Foxit Reader from here.

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