July 20, 2008

Keep track of profile views on your Myspace and Show it off

Myspace is quite an addictive site and once you get used to the crowd and constant mingling then it's sure to become a habitual action to spend hours in Myspace.I know quite a lot of people in such scenario.This post is for all those for whom Myspace is no less than home.

If you are quite a popular guy/girl at Myspace then you must be having a lot of profile views.You sure will feel very good about it.But the sad part is that only you have access to this information.In short profile views is something you cannot show off.Now here is the good part.You can now show it off to all those who visit your space by using this tool Myspace Profile Counter.It generates a code(widget) for your myspace which counts your profile views and displays it on your profile.For those 'not so popular' Myspace-rs,there is a good news for you too.You can tamper with the tool because the tool lets you define the starting number of profile counts.So set it to a high number and enjoy fake virtual popularity.

Tool:Myspace Profile Counter

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