July 18, 2008

Access blocked sites and browse safely using Ultrasurf

Accessing blocked sites has become just like a daily chore for many poor souls all over the world.Sometimes the authority which block these people are local organizations like schools,colleges and Offices and in some other cases bigger authorities say countries themselves start blocking sites.Be the cases reasonable or not you want to browse don't you.That's the reason you are here.Here is the best way to surf any blocked website where ever you are.

Ultrasurf is a lightweight software that is actually much more than a software.It holds the baton for anti-censorship of public sites all over the world.And you can guess what it will be capable of delivering.It uses Internet explorer platform and a background proxy searching technique with high level of encryption to ensure safety.This software will help you to use Web mails,Uploading and downloading of data files and real time streaming of music.You can also access heavily blocked sites like Youtube,Myspace and orkut with ease.It is just a 300kb download and requires no installation.This is by far the best and the safest way to counter web-censorship.

You can download Ultrasurf8 from here.

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