July 17, 2008

How To Play Downloaded Youtube Files In Windows Media Player?

Those of you who are not so much comfortable with other media player like flv player or GOM player would love to watch your Youtube videos in Windows media player.Well there are 2 things that you should know.First thing is that from now onwards make sure you download videos in a format that is compatible with Windows media player.The second thing is that you need to have an flv to wmv converter that will convert the videos you have already downloaded into wmv format which is the standard video format for WMP.

1.Downloading Videos In Format Playable By Windows Media Player

Vixy.net is a site which allows you to download Youtube videos in Avi,divx,MP4 and 3gp formats.Since you want your files to be played in WMP,Choose avi format and wait for the site to convert formats for you.After conversion you will get the download link to the file.

2.Converting Youtube Videos To Format Playable By Windows Media Player
There are a tons of freeware that can do this job for you.Freez Converter is one such software.It lets you convert Youtube videos to mpeg,wmv and avi formats.It's a 4mb download.You can get the software from here.Hope you found this article useful.

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