July 02, 2008

How To Get An Orkut Account Banned?

Orkut is one huge social network,so the chances are you may encounter people of all tastes there.You might discover great new bonds and at the same time there are good chances that you end up face to face with spoof-heads of nowhere.Before Orkut introduced its feature for 'locking scrapbooks and setting albums as private' the punches of those MUSN(Misusers of social networks) were a bit hard to block.Still after the launch of such addons to orkut,there still are cases of fraudulence and misguidance evolving.Use of copyrighed content,hijacked accounts and use of private pic from accounts addon to the list of such problems.So we tell you what to do when you encounter such profilers who only learn the hard way.

1.Get the evidence:If you find yourself being driven into unhealthy situations get the guy red-handed.Take screencapture incase it is some kind of vulgar scrap or spam.This will be helpful in the long run too.The writer can also delete the scraps too from your scrapbook apart from you so a screencap will be helpful in substantiating the MUSNs motives.

2.Report the abuse:Now let google handle the case.There is a 'Report abuse' link on the left bottom.If you cannot find it,click on 'more' after just below 'add as a friend' button.Click on it and you will be directed to the 'Report abuse' page.There is a list of topics which orkut has classified as offensive which includes nudity,spam,hate speech or violent content,illegal content,hijacked account,impersonation,use of copyrighted material,community hijacking etc.Click on the topic related to your complaint.You will now see a complaint box at the bottom.Type in the details of your case in the box.And as i mentioned earlier you can upload those 'screencaps' you took and upload it to some imagehosting site like image shack or google pages and put the link on that complaint as an evidence.That might help in getting the case move faster.Once you have done this,relax and let them look into the case.There are good chances that you get that MUSNs account banned.Stay safe,stay responsible.Happy social networking.I hope this helped.

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