December 27, 2012

SEO Salaries India

SEO industry is in its evolving stage in India.A couple of years back, most of the SEO companies relied on outsourced SEO projects for survival.But now the scene has changed.The awareness regarding the benefits of SEO has marginally improved.Now more and more companies are hiring SEO companies and consultants to enhance their online presence.The sudden demand for SEO in India has given rise to lot of job opportunities also.But the demand for SEO professionals is not met well.Mainly because there is little or no training ground for SEOs in India.Unlike other specializations in the field of I.T, Search Engine Optimization has no reputed training centres or certification agencies in the country.Almost all the SEO professionals in the country are self taught and have a background in development.Mainly during the last 5 years, many web development companies in India understood the importance of SEO and assigned their developers to the task of SEO.The developers had no choice but to equip themselves with the know-how on SEO techniques and strategies.Career-wise this could be counted as a beneficial move for developers as it gave them an oppurtunity to consider a career as SEO consultant.The pay is also higher for SEOs compared to developers.

Let's take a look at the remuneration aspects of SEO professionals in India.

SEO Consultant Salary in India

Tasks: An SEO Consultant basically has to meet clients, educate them regarding the benefits of SEO,research keywords and work with the marketing team till the agreement is signed with the company.Later on, SEO consultants will need to work on link building,content marketing and several other on page,off page tasks.Some companies assign these tasks to SEO trainees and liberate their SEO consultants from these tedious jobs.In such firms, SEO consultants mainly need to focus on client procurement only.

Salary : 15,000 INR - 23,000 INR

SEO Manager Salary in India

Tasks: SEO Manager will have to work with an SEO team which will be comprised of SEO consultants,trainees and developers.He will have to oversee various on page,off page optimization processes and see if the execution is happening in a correct manner.SEO Managers also monitor and review SEO reports generated by the team.Often these managers will have to communicate with clients regarding SEO strategies and get their approval.They also monitor analytics accounts and present periodical performance reports to clients.

Salary : 20,000 INR - 30,000 INR

Social Media Consultant (SMO) Salary in India

Tasks:  Perform site promotion via social media sites including Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest etc.SMO Consultants will maintain and monitor fan pages and social media accounts on client's behalf.They will also have to generate perform reports.Usually SMOs report to SEO Managers.Social media management is considered as an important add-on for SEO and therefore most SEO companies have SMOs in their SEO team.

SEO Trainee Salary in India

Tasks: SEO Trainees are usually assigned to perform link building, content marketing,blog promotion etc.They will often have to monitor the sites assigned to them for flaws with various on page factors.They will work with developers for optimizing the site for search engines.They will report to SEO consultants
and sometimes directly to SEO Managers.

Salary : 10,000 INR - 16,000 INR

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How many articles or posts will i have to write to make money with my blog?

This is a question which several newbie bloggers and webmasters ask.In the end it is all about the revenue and there is nothing wrong with that.You need to generate a substantial amount of money from your blog before you jump into the 'full time blogger' bandwagon.Many bloggers wonder how much content they need to produce before their blog actually starts generating money.The answer to this question is simple and at the same time,slightly sophisticated.

It is not about the volume of posts.Then what is it about?The revenue generated by your blog will entirely depend on the number of search engine optimized high ranking posts.There is simply no use in creating 100s of non optimized posts and waiting for miracles to happen.The rankings in search engines is key to success.It is all about allowing your posts to get discovered.When the organic traffic begins to roll in, it can be converted to revenue.Until then it is tireless run for search engine rankings.

Ok.I have SEO optimized my posts.How many SEO optimized articles do i need to write in order to succeed?

That's a more logical question.The success rate varies from blogger to blogger.Say if you have 500 articles on your blog.If you are ranking in the top 10 search results for atleast 250 keyphrases or keywords, then you are on the right track.If not, you must correct your blog promotion strategy.If you manage to get top 10 Google rankings for around 500 articles,then you will be getting substantial amount of traffic. Push it to 1000 and you are an authority blogger.

I still don't feel motivated.What to do?

Most of the top bloggers today depend on their evergreen articles for generating traffic and revenue.They know that all articles do not make money.There are always those special timeless articles which pull in traffic even after 3-4 years.Honestly there is an article which i wrote 3 years back which gets me ample amount of traffic even now.Sometimes you have to write posts which might not be that good with search engines but your direct audience may benefit from it.There is nothing wrong in doing that.But make sure that you write SEO optimized articles more often.

Now i am motivated to write SEO optimized articles.Is there anything else i need to know?

Yes.You need to know one important thing.Competition.Writing SEO optimized articles is not enough for success.Gone are the Good Ol' Days when you write a post and you are immediately on the front page of Google.Now there is too much competition.How do you cut through the competition? By writing unique articles and using less competitive keywords.While writing post titles, think from the perspective of the audience.What will he or she search for.Think about the keyword variations and then finalize the title.Try to optimize the content also.Finally it's all in the hands of search engines.If you have done your part right, then it is time to wait until the search engines become merciful.In the mean time you can drive in traffic from Social media sites.You might be able to get a few subscribers and regular visitors through apt social media promotions.If your articles are educational or problem solving, then people will surely promote them.

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December 22, 2012

Music,Guided meditation and Chakra Activation

Music is an immensely powerful tool.Pure sound energy can have miraculous effects on the psyche and physiology of a human being.A lot of ancient masters had discovered the spiritual benefits of meditating with the assistance of music.There is a term called 'Nada Yogi' in eastern philosophy of Yoga.A Nada Yogi is someone who is in pursuit of divine knowledge through the medium of sound.You might have observed that different sounds have different effect on our minds.Pleasant symphonies especially the ones in classical music are extremely pleasing and elevate us to a different level of vibration.On the contrary there is also dark music which takes our minds to demonic realms.I personally don't judge people by their taste in music.It's quite unfair in my opinion.Some people listen to loud and lyrically ill music because it makes them feel better.That is simply because their consciousness is vibrating at that level.However the discovery of an entirely different body of music will surely motivate them to reconsider their choice.

One of the greatest powers that arrive with spiritual unfolding is the ability to distinguish elements which uplift and degrade the vibration of consciousness. A highly evolved spiritual being can draw immense energy by meditating on uplifting songs.He will have no interest on music which is negative and has no emotional or spiritual value.

Music assisted meditation has lot of benefits.But you must carefully pick the right music.A song which may be really uplifting for someone may not have that much impact on you.You will have to be the judge when it comes to choosing the music to which you will vibrate.If you are having difficulty in finding such songs, you can start with music which works universally as far as spiritual upliftment is concerned.I'm talking about mantras.Mantras are syllables which carry immense amount of energy.Mantras can induce a trance so sublime that your ego will dissolve into oneness provided you have enough faith.Mantras don't know religion,cast or creed.They can be used by anyone irrespective of their nationality,gender or occupation.And to those who didn't know,Mantra aided meditation is one of the quickest routes to kundalini awakening.This is because the channeling of energy happens much more conveniently when you are completely focused at one point.Music sets the perfect ambiance of cultivating concentration.Mantras are not at all distracting.Initially you may try to contemplate the meaning and structure of mantra but eventually you will be lost in the flow.Slipping into deep meditation is also possible using ambient sounds.But such sounds does not have an energizing effect.Mantras charge up the mind and the chakra system like magic words.By regular practice the mantras will start to impart a calmness so subtle that you will want to meditate even more on a daily basis.

Which mantras are good for meditation?

Om which is the universal sound is the ultimate figure of sound.All music originates from 'Om'.If you search around Youtube you will find enough Om chanting tracks.Voice quality may differ from singer to singer.Find out the sound which rejuvenates you.Download the video and convert it into MP3 format and store it in your mobile or iPod.Use of headphones is also recommended as it helps to gain more concentration as external sounds are negated to a certain extent.

Gayatri Mantra is yet another empowering mantra which you can use for meditation.The nourishing mantra will clearly the blockages in your chakra system like magic.With enough dedication, the awakening of kundalini will happen at a faster rate.

Om Mani Padme Hum is one of my favorite Buddhist mantras.It has an unspeakable aura which one has to experience to understand.It is suitable for deep meditation and chakra activation.

Hope you found this article useful.Feel free to drop in your views and opinions as comments.

December 19, 2012

Page Rank lost.Reasons and What to do?

Since the day of its inception,Page Rank has enjoyed a unique place in the minds of webmasters and online entrepreneurs.Although Page Rank is not as relevant as it used to be, it still has a mystique aura attached to it.Most SEO consultants and web owners consider Page Rank as an estimation of authority. After the recent Panda and Penguin updates, several sites lost their Page Rank whereas some lucky ones witnessed an increase in PR.This blog had a Page Rank of 4 and after the last update the page rank dropped to 1.Initially i was at shock because it had taken me a lot of time and hard work to gain a Page Rank of 4.After a few days the shock was replaced by sensibility and i began to inquire about what went wrong.

Reasons for drop in page rank

I had long time ago participated in a 'Viral Link Building' campaign.The theme was quite simple.A network of bloggers would do a post with links to several other blogs.Anybody can join this viral tagging system by doing a post on their blog with all the links and adding his own link at the bottom as a tag.This scheme went viral and a lot of bloggers actively participated.I previously had managed to gain several high authority links through various techniques and i considered this new viral thing as a supplement for my link building activity.But after about 2 long years, the thing bit me in the back.Google must have diagnosed it as link bait and penalized my blog for the mistake.But that alone was not the only viable reason.

Blogroll and Link exchange was actively happening in my blog.I even managed to sell some links through Fivver.Although i regret it now.The number of promotional links on my side bar increased and in the end i had to pay for it in the form of a drop in page rank.

Irregularity in content posting was yet another reason for the drop in page rank.I was not updating the blog on a regular basis.I knew i had to post frequently but i got so busy with my real job and all that i hardly got any time to update the blog.Google bot ocassionaly scans your blog whether you want it or not.And if you are not posting regular content, the authority degrades slowly.

What to do?

The most important lesson i have learned after the drop in page rank was that the traffic was not affected marginally (In most cases traffic was not affected at all).Google has mentioned that PR is only one of the 200 parameters that they consider while valuing the authority of a page.

The good news is that you can still enjoy the SERP positions you previously had.If your page has been properly optimized (On page) and you are engaged in safe link building techniques then you have nothing to worry.Make sure that your content is around 400-500 characters long with SEO optimised titles and meta description.If you have the main keywords in the URL itself then you are going the right way.

Can i get the lost PR back?

Now PR updates are happening more frequently.There was one in August and another one in November.A PR update can therefore be expected around Feb-March 2013.You can do extensive link building in the mean time and make sure a strong link profile is presented to Google when it is updating the PR.

If you have a lot of spammy links on your site, then you must remove it as soon as possible.Also you can use the Google disavow tool to block all the low quality inbound links to your site.Take these measures and chances are that your Page Rank will be restored to its lost glory.Feel free to post your thoughts as comments below.

Page rank doesn't matter.Reasons why Page Rank is now irrelevant?

Yes you heard it right.Page Rank does not matter and is nearly useless.Lot of things have changed in the last 2 years.Then PR was a mighty important attribute that clearly showcased the potential of a website or blog.A high PR was your gateway to better traffic and advertisement opportunities.However the scene has totally changed.Page Rank alone cannot do any wonders for your website.A lot of other factors have more weightage than Page Rank.Content is now the most important criteria for good search rankings.Blog/Website advertising giants  have also started devaluing Page Rank.Now these companies are using Alexa Rankings to find out the quality of their potential publisher's website.

Why Page Rank is not relevant?

  • Page Rank is only one of the 200 attributes considered by Google while ranking web pages.
  • It has been proven that sites with low PR in several cases have ranked higher in search engines ( above high PR sites). This is mainly due to the quality of the content and apt link profiles.
  • Previously webmaster tools used PR as a criteria while evaluating websites.Now it has been removed.This clearly indicates that Google themselves does not consider PR as that important.

Why you should be worrying about other things than PR?

You can get a lot more traffic if you focus on quality content generation.Complement it with some link building and you are good to go.If you have used keywords in title, description and 5-6 times in the content, then you don't need to worry about traffic.It will come eventually.

Recently a lot of fluctuation in search rankings have been reported by webmasters.This means that Google is making algorithm changes to ensure quality content gets enough visibility.In the long run, content is the only thing which will sustain itself.So you should stop worrying about PR and concentrate on creating timeless content.

December 18, 2012

How to do SEO competitor analysis properly?

Competitor analysis or competition analysis is one of the most essential elements of SEO processes worldwide.It's all about understanding your rivals,discovering their strategies and evaluating their strength in the search engine war.Almost all professional SEO companies have a section (or atleast a team) dedicated for competitor analysis.Why? Because they understand the value which this information provides.It is almost impossible to beat a competing site if you have no idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the site.There are several attributes to be considered while evaluating competition.Some of these attributes are mighty important while some are just minor pieces of information which may come handy at a later stage.
In this article i will discuss some of the techniques and tools i use for competitor analysis.Hopefully the information shared here will help you in your pursuit of better search rankings.

Before we begin the actual procedures, i will recommend you to install a very useful plugin called SEO Quake.The plugin is available for Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome and Opera.I personally use Firefox because I'm kinda used to it.So go ahead and install SEO Quake on your browser.The plugin is absolutely free and provides plenty of useful information.

Now it's time to start the actual process.

Step 1: List out the keywords you are targeting with your site.

Step 2: Go to (because it's still the biggest supplier of traffic) and enter the keyword.

Step 3: If you have installed SEO Quake correctly then you will see a section below the search results which mentions various  attributes of the search results.You can find Page Rank,Alexa Rank,SEM Rush rank etc from the SEO Quake section.You can also find the domain age using this tool.Domain age is an important attribute which should not be taken lightly.A page can have better ranking if it is considerably old.

Step 4: Study the various attributes mentioned above to gain a perspective on the competition strength.You can focus on the first page of the search results initially for analysing the strength of the competition.If the competition is too high, do not feel demotivated.There is still hope.

Step 5: Find the page on which your site is listed for the keyword.Check the Page Rank,Alexa Rank and domain authority of the site which is immediately above you.See if that is surpassable.It definitely should be.The competition is usually tight in the first page and this competition will start to weaken
with the succeeding pages.The rankings of the results in these pages normally fluctuate on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

Step 6: Now it's time to check the reason behind the better rankings of your competition.Visit the top ranking pages and see how their page has been laid out.Check the length of the content on their landing pages.Find out how they have used titles and meta description.SEO Quake Toolbar has a button titled
'Diagnosis'.You can click on this button an get information on various On-page attributes of the site.See if you have aptly used these attributes in your own site's landing pages.

Step 7: Once you have made sure that the on page optimization has been done properly, it is time to move on to off page.Basically the competing sites will be ranking higher mainly because of their link profile.It is preferable to make a list of competing sites before you proceed with this step.If you prefer to do without the list, it is also fine. Go to Backlink Watch and enter the URL of your competitor to find out where his inbound links are coming from.Mostly the links would be coming from article directories, blog posts and comment sections.See if you can get links from similar sites.It will be even better if you can get links from where your competitor has been sourcing links.

Your link building strategy should always be about quality link building.Rather than building a list of directories or blogs to publish articles( for links of course),it will be better if you choose the sites which have worked for your competition. 

Step 8: You have almost learned how to properly do competitor analysis.I cannot finish this article before communicating another major point.You should always remember that the key to successful SEO is perseverance.Build links slowly.Try to get links from authentic and high authority site.Don't worry about the numbers,it is much better to stick with quality.I hope you found this article useful.Feel free to drop in your opinions and suggestions as comments.

Why blogging about blogging is a bad idea?

So you have gone through the basics of blog management and are ready to venture into blogging.
One of the most important things to do now will be to choose a niche.Professional bloggers are
often found stressing (sometimes over-stressing) the importance of sticking to a niche.Nowadays it is a
commonly observed trend among bloggers to blog about blogging.There are lots and lots of blogs and mini-sites popping up every day giving tips and advices to wannabe bloggers.This is mainly because newbie bloggers learn a lot of new stuff while doing research and the often feel an urge to share what they have learned in this way.Some of such blogging blogs are genuine and offer value whereas as some are simply a waste of time. I am certainly not against such ventures however i do have my list of reasons for believing why blogging about blogging is not the best idea around.

Reason 1: There is too much competition.Have you tried Googling 'Blogging tips' or 'Blogging advices'. Millions of blogs popup on search results.Imagine how hard it will be to get a good search engine ranking from this huge crowd.The basic requirement for successful blogging is definitely traffic.If you decide to start a blog on blogging, you will struggle with finding traffic initially and over a period of time.

Reason 2: Minimum revenue from advertising.Most readers of blogging blogs will be aware of the advertising schemes and affiliate programs.Such an audience is 'ad blind'.Even if you develop a substantial following, the CTRs (Click Through Rates) will still be grounded to 1-2%. The revenue generated will not be enough even to pay electricity bills.

Reason 3: There is information overload.All the logical topics there are have been discussed.All it takes to start a thread of posts is a mere mentioning of the topic by a top blogger.Replicas of those posts will hit the web in no time.Do you really want to place your precious posts amongst such a lawless crowd.Will it get the attention it deserves?Is it worth the time spent?

Reason 4: Decay of value is another point that i would like to stress.Blogging scene is evolving fast.When i started blogging in 2006, the things were entirely different.I've seen the blogosphere (a term which is scarcely used now.Evolution right!) go through twists and turns all these years.The hot topics of a period tend to become redundant and useless after a while.So if you want a blog that will stand the test of time then it will be better to choose a niche which you are most knowledgeable on.You can not depend on the traffic brought in by your 'blogging tips' for too long.

Reason 5: The chance of excelling in a less competitive niche is much more than succeeding in blogging niche.It's a plain truth which you cannot ignore.You can be an A-list blogger of a new niche if you have considerable expertise in the area and by the same time next year you can even get yourself quoted by top blogs and magazines in your niche.Will you go for it or choose to struggle in an over-crowded niche.

The choice is in the end 'Yours alone'. Feel free to post in your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

December 08, 2012

Daav Laga-Windows 8 song (Sona Mohapatra) with Full lyrics

Take A Chance, Take A Chance
Kyon Darta Hai Tu Yaar
Mujhpe Daav Laga
Gar Himmat Hai Dildaar
Mujhpe Daav Laga

Daav Lagaale Saiyaan Apna Banaale
Aa Kar Le Do Ko Chaar
Mujhpe Daav Laga
Kyun Darta Hai Tu Yaar
Mujhpe Daanv Laga
Take A Chance, Take A Chance

Koi Matwaala Bade Dilwaala
O Din Raat Dhundhu Jaane Hai Kahaan
Jo Mere Khaatir Zamin Pe Aaya
O Rab Ka Banda Milega Kahaan
Sab Chadke Hath Phadake Maine Sang Udd Jaana
Mauke Pe Chauka Maar
Mujhape Daav Laga
Kyun Darata Hai Tu Yaar
Mujhape Daav Laga
Daav Lagaale, Daav Lagaale
Kyun Darata Hai Tu Yaar
Mujhpe Daav Laga
Gar Himmat Hai Dildaar
Mujhpe Daav Laga

Kisi Din Hoga Khulengi Aankhein
Ho O Aur Woh Hoga Saamne Khada
Kahin Yeh Na Ho
Woh Aa Chuka Ho 
Mujhko Hi Na Ho Dikhaayi Pada
Jo Bhi Ho Ik Din Toh
Parde Ne Uth Jaana
Mauke Pe Chauka Maar
Mujhpe Daav Laga
Kyun Darata Hai Tu Yaar
Mujhape Daanv Laga
Take A Chance, Take A Chance

Daanv Lagaale Saiyaan Apna Banaale
Kyun Darata Hai Tu Yaar Mujhape Daav Laga
Gar Himmat Hai Dildaar Mujhape Daav Laga
Chance, Take A Chance