April 07, 2007

10 most useful greasemonkey scripts

Lifehacker.com listed their Top 10 greasemonkey scripts which made it to the digg front page.But i was very much dissatisfied with their list since some extremely useful scripts were not part of their list.This prompted me to list my own selection Greasemonkey scripts which are truly great creations.Before i come to the list i recommend you to download Greasemonkey

1.GZoom-Allows you to easily zoom Google maps beyond their normal limits.Install Gzoom from here.

2.IE7Pro Compatibility Script-IE7Pro is a free Internet Explorer add-in that permit creation of User scripts like GreaseMonkey.This one will allow IE fans to enjoy the fullfledged luxury of Greasemonkey.Install IE7Pro Compatibility Script.

3.Pkblogs script-Access blogger blogs in banned countries.This replaces http://*.blogspot.com/* links with http://www.pkblogs.com/*/*.Install Pkblogs.

4.Google 100-Let Google show 100 results per page instead of the default 10.Install

If you think 100 is too much, you can also customize the number of results per page:

1. Visit Google
2. Go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands
3. Choose "Set Google results per page"
4. Enter a number between 1 and 100

5.Send free SMS from Gmail-Use this script to send free SMS using the Callwave provider directly from your GMail contact page.Click on the small SMS link,
enter the text and your SMS will be delivered.Install it.

Using this small script, a "Send SMS" link is placed next to the mobile number and allows you to send the SMS directly from your GMail Account. If you want to uses the SMS functionality, your contact must have a phone number stored for this contact. Since SMS are send to a mobile number, the contact type must be "Mobile". The phone number specified for this user should look like this: 00991741231234.

6.Thumbs2Links-Thumbs2Links is a Greasemonkey script that gives you the ability to download large groups of videos in a fast and easy way.Supports youtube.com, dailymotion.com, break.com, bolt.com, tinypic.com, webshots.com, photobucket.com, rude.com, stickam.com, imagefap.com, imagebeaver.com, myvideo.de.Install Thums2Links.

7.Blogger - enlarge template editor-Enlarges (widens) the template editor text area box for New Blogger blogs in the Edit HTML tab.Install this script.

8.Youtube Embed Video Downloader-Displays link to download flv movies.Install this script.

9.Adsense EPC / CPC:Shows the Earnings Per Click (EPC) you're getting in your Google Adsense reports.Also known as Cost Per Click (CPC).Install this script.

10.Youtube Cleaner:Eliminate junk from youtube.Display only the items you use.Install
this script.

Bonus script:
Custom Google Logo:Replaces the Google logo with your own custom logo.Install this

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  1. For the "Google 100" script, you can just go to the google preferences page and pick to show 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 results per page. This seems a lot easier than using a script.

  2. About number 4, why install something when you can click on Prefences on the Google page and set your search results to 100?

    Other than that, nice list.

  3. Your 10th most "useful" script is a script to change the default Google logo? Sorry, this just doesn't make sense.

  4. Number eight on this list, the Youtube downloader tool, is nicely written and all, but it's adware, and it's for Opera, so it's not really a Greasemonkey script. I modified the script a bit to make it Firefox-friendly and remove the ads, and you can grab it at http://divergentdave.googlepages.com/youtube.user.js

  5. Let me introduce Mylingual greasemonkey script. Mylingual is a sort of Web2.0 style site translator which dinamically translates menus by user javascript.


    Although it just started, the original service Japanize is quite popular in Japan and have been acquiring over 25,000 users.

  6. wow! They are great! Thanks so much! (I am very much surprised to see that I am the first one to comment. It came on the Delicious hotlist. But nobody made a comment to such an awesome post! Disgusting!)

  7. To those who ask why someone would use a greasemonkey script to set the number of results returned from google instead of setting a preference, it is because some of us are not complete tools who let google watch and categorize every search we run (e.g. customizegoogle and other privacy enhancements) so this script provides us with the same features without requiring us to be pimped by google to advertisers...

  8. A good list - i much prefer these because i can never navigate my way through the actual greasemonkey script site!

    I'm gonna give the SMS a try, but I'm guessing that because I'm in the UK, this won't work - here goes!

  9. I think the navigation of the Userscripts site sucks too.

    How the heck are you supposed to find anything unless you know the name of it already?

    Thx for posting your favs.

  10. IE7Pro is the only choice for using greasemonkey script under Internet explorer.

  11. Hello friends, I would recommend to use the www.send-sms-now.com online service for sendig free SMS worldide. It suppots many coutries and mobile operators, it is gratis and requires no registration.

  12. usually when theres no registration theres something up. most likely you get spam or the text just doesnt get sent. if were really gonna talk about free sms, then you should check out peekamo, its free. its also pretty big in the UK and canada,

  13. Ive actually heard about that down here in freemont. I'll check it out, thanks hana. P.S idont know if peekamo uses greasemonkey.

  14. the anonymous userMay 5, 2008 at 12:03 AM

    is there any similar to Google 100 Script for del.icio.us?? for example del.icio.us displays 10 results or whatever. I am asking if there is any script to do it 25 or 100 by default. thanx

  15. You can send SMS from your gmail easily and also, you will get the delivery report:

    visiting to start:


  16. its really helpful for me. thanx.

  17. For (5), I got the "Windows Script Host" error message below. Please help.

    Script: C:\Documents and Settings\Anonymous\Desktop\7987.user.js
    Line: 11
    Char: 1
    Error: Syntax error
    Code: 800A03EA
    Source: Microsoft JScript compilation error

  18. Google preferences only work if you allow sites to set permanent cookies on your computer--which is why #4 is a useful script. (If you don't.)

    Also, the "Custom Google Logo" script rocks. Google has the fugliest logo known to man, and this script lets me choose my own.

    Another excellent script is "Two Column Google," by Jeff Sharkey. It works best with the default number of results. On a widescreen monitor there is no scrolling to find the 'next page' button.


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