December 27, 2007

How to download or rip music from myspace band profiles?

You can download music played on myspace band profiles if you use MoZilla Firefox.You do this by installing the extension called Video Download Helper.This is a multifunctionality tool that allows you to download any embedded file on the web.This single tool will allow you to download music and video from Youtube,Metacafe,MySpace, Google videos, DailyMotion, Porkolt, iFilm, DreamHost and many others.
So Happy Downloading.

How Do I Stop Others From Tracking My Online Activity?

This article will help you to learn things that will help you make sure no one tracks your online activity.

Protecting Passwords:
Lets start with password protection.Can anyone actually track what you are typing?Yes is the answer.If you weren't aware of this then you might not also be familiar with key loggers[wiki].So first of all you need to make sure no keyloggers are spying you.Anti-virus softwares considers key loggers as viruses since they usually hide themselves and run at the background similar to viruses.So scanning your system using your anti-virus software will do the job.But if you don't want to take chances get some free spy-ware scanning and removal software like Windows defender and scan your system using them.If you don't use windows then SpyCatcher Express might help you.

Deleting Your Tracks:
You can do it manually if you understand the browser you are using really well.This process involves setting 'Days to Keep History Of You Browsing Activity" to "0" days,Cleaning up your cache and cookies and clearing up auto-fill forms.There are also free softwares which help you automate the process.The best free-ware you can find is IE Privacy Keeper.

Protecting Yourself From Intruders:
Anyone on your network can track your activities if your system is left unprotected for hijack.This can be solved by activating the inbuilt firewall of your OS.If your OS doesn't have inbuilt firewall then get a free firewall like Zone Alarm.It will definitely block intrusions from outside and any communication between any malicious software installed on your system to its target.

Hope you found this article useful.

December 25, 2007

What is the best site or program to use to download free,safe, secure, good Mp3 songs/music ?

Tired of googling to download the song your friend was humming the last day.Desperate to get those rare tracks whose cds are almost invisible in the market.Here is something for your help.I tell you how to get hold of those rare songs,movie soundtracks,advertisement jingles and everything you call music.What is the best site or program to use to download free,safe, secure, good Mp3 songs/music,Software Coolgoose,this is one site that has been there for a while fighting time.One of the most magnificient databases for free music on the web,Cooltoad is your one stop shop for free entertainment.Millions of songs uploaded by users is its pillar strength.You are more likely to find rare songs and soundtracks here. is yet another site which has some good database of songs.However download is not actually supported by the site.But you can get the songs by some exclusive hacks from Blogger Whale.You can also find free spanish music here.

Youtube-You might ask how is youtube related to free music.However if you can get free videos you can easily rip of the music from the videos into mp3 format and play it on your favourite media player.This is pretty big when you consider all those video sharing platforms like Metacafe,Myspace,iFilm,Break,Myspace etc. because all these in aggregate with Youtube can be a pretty big pool for hunting free music.

Google-I didn't miss spell it.Thanks to the google bot.All the open directories are scanned and indexed on Google.So if you're lucky you might find exactly what you are looking for.Here is a site which allows automated search for mp3s on Google.

Hope you found this article useful.

December 24, 2007

How To Convert Youtube Videos (.Flv flash) to .wmv,.avi,.mpg,mp4 ipod,divx and other formats For Free?

This article is for all those die-hard video maniacs who like to play with Youtube videos.All you need to know about converting youtube videos into your favourite format is covered here.And not to mention well at blogger whale believe in a free world and discuss only freewares.So here it goes.

1.Vdownloader :Convert your flv videos to AVI, MPG, iPOD, PSP, 3GP(mobile), VCD, SVCD, DVD, FLV and MP3 format.This one is a 3.1mb download freeware and is a must have tool.Convert your flv videos to AVI, MPG, iPOD, PSP, 3GP(mobile), VCD, SVCD, DVD, FLV and MP3 format,MP4 ,MOV,Free,Freeware,Software your youtube video to the format you want online and download in that format with this efficient tool.Supports AVI(divx + mp3),Mov (Mpeg4 + MP3) for MAC,MP4 for PSP and ipod,3gp for mobiles and MP3.

3.KeepV Flash Converter:Download and convert Flash/FLV files (YouTube videos) to to AVI (Windows); Flash to MOV (MAC); Flash to MP4 (iPod, PSP); Flash to 3GP (Mobile).Microsoft .net framework is needed for this app to work on Xp or you will need Vista.Its a 2.5 mb download.

Hope this satisfies your apetite.

How To Download Free Mp3 Songs From Mp3tube?-The Latest Hack

These are a couple of hacks which will quench your thirst for free music for a while.These are browser oriented hacks.You will need to get either Mozilla Firefox or Opera
for this job.

Using Mozilla
>>Download and Install Mozilla if you haven't yet.
>>Install Download helper extension.You can do it by clicking here.
>>Go to Mp3tube and click the song you want to download
>>You will see the Download helper icon revolving just on the right of your address bar.
>>Click on the icon and from the popup click on the file which would look something like "" for example.
>>Option for save will appear.Change the digits with a name of your choice and add ".mp3" without quotes at its end.

Using Opera

Hope this helps.

December 15, 2007

How To View Locked Scrap Books In Orkut?

Orkut allows users to set scrapbook access to private.In such cases only friends of the person can view his scrapbook.This is similar in the case of photo albums and videos.How ever you can get pass the scrapbook block using a grease monkey script which allows you to view locked scrapbooks.

You need to install Greaemonkey plugin for running the script.Install Greasemonkey from here

If you already have greasemonkey installed,install 'view locked scrapbooks' script from here

Similar:10 Most Useful Greasemonkey Scripts

How to handle and get rid of stage fright and fear of public speaking?

Many people pass off even at the thought of going into the stage and facing an audience while at the same time they envy at those who handle the audience like cheese.Its not that those who are capable of such acts are born with such talents.The difference is that they have learnt to tackle the problem well.I am not going to give some advices from an experts point of view,but would rather like to share things that have worked for me in the past.

1.Getting on the stage is the hardest part.When you are in such a situation just walk in like you really don't know what stage fear is.This is a symbol of confidence and this puts you in the driver's seat and what you have is receptive audience waiting for its confident speaker or performer to deliver.

2.When you are performing some artistic talents like singing,dancing or such stuff you really need to concentrate on that.The best thing to do is that much before your performance sit alone and think from audience's point of view,Think as if you were one among the audience.An audience will always allow you to cast spell on them and would never want to see someone scre up on stage.Think this and you will definitely concentrate on your performance.

3.Another way to boost up some confidence is to watch someone performing in a manner what you may call magnificient.Get hold of some videos of legends of your field and watch them while practicing for the big day.Having someone great as motivation will ease the pressure on you.

4.Another way is to calculate the worst thing that could happen and just talk about it alone and leave it completely.When you have faced your fears the rest is easy.

5.Stay away from demotivating people no matter how close they are.Keep your mp3 player and headphone with you.Trust me this is the best way to avoid any conversation and they won't feel bad about it.

I hope these things work for you.Stay happy.Stay motivated.

'Keep Your Privacy' Tip:Disable Auto Save Of Google Talk Chats,Conversations In Gmail

A lot of gmail accounts have being hacked recently,however we can have a breather as no new virus outbreak is reported.Mostly these accounts are hacked through social engineering.Most people use easily guessable words as their passwords like their girlfriend's/boyfriend's name,pet's name,phone number etc.. which can easily be tracked by anyone who knows the person well and can play pranks by hacking into their mailboxes and doing crazy stuff.If you use Gtalk(Google talk) for private conversation this is certainly not desirable.The fact is that autosave of Gtalk chats is set on by default and unless you turn it off manually your conversations are saved by Gmail.

So just in case your Gmail account gets hacked,the hacker can clearly go through your private conversation.So the best thing to do is to turn the auto save feature.

This is how you do it.
>>Log into Gmail.
>>Click on Settings on the right top corner.
>>On "Chat History" choose Don't save chat history in my Gmail account and save.

Stay safe and don't get phished.

December 12, 2007

Don't Format !This Is How You Can Retrieve Important Data Files From A Virus Infected USB Flash Drive?

If you have a flash drive that has whole lot of stuff you want but got infected and you are confused about its future then here is the good news:"You can retrieve uninfected data on the drive!".Here is how you do this.

1.Unplug your internet connection and all your network connections as a precaution just in case the virus tries to send information or affect other computers in the network.

2.Now this one is important.Turn off 'Autoplay' feature of windows.This will prevent direct activated attacks.For XP you will need to use a software called Tweak UI for this purpose.Windows Vista users can do this by clicking Start>>Type Autoplay and hit enter>>Click Softwares and Games>>From the drop down menu choose Take no action>>Save.

3.Now your flash drive is safe to plugin.Transfer only those files that you know are unaffected and go for a scan using the anti virus software to make it sure.Kudos!You have done it.

How To Make Your Internet Connection Faster And Unleash The Real Speed Of The Bandwidth You Pay For

This is a video which tells you how to boost up your net speed by some network card tweaks.This will help you to get back the bandwidth you pay for just in a matter of seconds.Worth a try.

Track Price Drops At With Your Firefox Browser

PriceDrop is a firefox extension which lets you keep track of price drops at Amazon and shop smartly.You will get notifications when price drop occurs and thus you can find when your favourite products get cheaper.If a product you have bought gets cheaper this addon can help you to get a refund from amazon.You just need to go to the amazon product page you are interested in tracking and pricedrop will track the item for you.

You can install PriceDrop extension from here.

December 08, 2007

How To Download Videos From Masalaguru And Indiafm The Easy Way

The easiest of ways to download videos from sites like masalaguru and indiafm is to useHow to download videos from sites like masalaguru and indiafm easily the firefox addons Video download-helper.Once you start the player and open the file in the site Video download-helper detects the embedded flv files.You just need to click on the flv file on the drop-down list to save the flv file to your hard-disk.This technique works for any video sharing site so installing this add-on will be a good idea.Also DownloadHelper also allows you to download files one by one, so that you keep bandwidth for browsing and other stuff.
You can install it from here

Get Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts When They Are Up For Grab.Megaupload should copy this.

Rapidshare does some charity once in a while and gives away free premium accounts through a link: which is set to 404 when no free offers are available.Thet can make it live any instant and once cannot predict when do they perform this give away next time.But there are ways to make sure you check for free premium accounts once in a while using various free softwares and extensions that are available on the net.Get free rapidshare and megaupload premium accounts without any expense

RapidCheck is one such software which check for free premium account give-aways at can set the interval between checks.It also has option for using proxies.You can download it from here.There are many alternatives to rapidcheck like CMS RSFAN and Rapidshare Free Account Check.If you are really lucky you may get hold of more than one premium accounts.

December 06, 2007

Send And Receive Encrypted Messages In Gmail Using Gmail S/MIME Firefox Extension

Yes it is possible to encrypt your Gmail Encrypt Gmail mails and messages and attachments in case of a password hackmessages and secure your private emails as a precaution just in case a password hack happens.You do this by using a firefox extension called Gmail S/MIME which lets you send and receive encrypted messages using Gmail.This also secures your attachments.Gmail S/MIME can be operated on Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple and all other S/MIME-capable mail clients.

You can install Gmail S/MIME from here.