July 28, 2007

Before The PR Update:Have You Prepared

Everyone is talking about it and PR prediction sites are getting good traffic.But noone really knows what will happen.Google PR is one thing which noone can predict of completely.Your link counts on Technorati will lie,so will your alexa toolbar and this will continue for every other tool.Only thing one can do is to trust the history and atleast find if he is prepared.Here are some random pieces of PR wisdom provided by experts in the past.

What will it take for PR4?
For a PR4 you will need any of the following.

  • 3,055 links from PR1
  • 555 links from PR2
  • 101 links from PR3
  • 18.5 links from PR4
  • 3.5 links from PR5
  • 1 link from PR6
What will it take for PR5?

  • 16,803links from PR1
  • 3,055links from PR2
  • 555 links from PR3
  • 101links from PR4
  • 18.5 links from PR5
  • 3.5links from PR6
What will it take for PR6?

  • 92,414links from PR1
  • 16,803links from PR2
  • 3,055 links from PR3
  • 555 links from PR4
  • 101links from PR5
  • 18.5links from PR6
  • 3.5 links from PR7

What will it take for PR7?

  • 508,277 links from PR1
  • 92,414links from PR2
  • 16,803links from PR3
  • 3,055links from PR4
  • 555links from PR5
  • 101links from PR6
  • 18.5links from PR7
  • 3.5links from PR8

Hope this helps for all those who are awaiting the next PR update.

July 22, 2007

Feedburner Pro Features Now "Free"

First major change on Feedburner after Google acquired it,is here.And what a better way than to give away Pro feature like Total stats and Mybrand for free.

FeedBurner Stats PRO or Total stats allows you to have advance stats about your site feed, such as number of people who have viewed or clicked individual content items in your feed, as well as site visitors stats.

Here is how you can activate this feature

1. Sign in your FeedBurner account

2. Select the FeedBurner feed you want to activate for Feedburner Stats PRO

3. Under Analyze tab, click FeedBurner Stats PRO link under Services

4. At FeedBurner Stats PRO page, tick the “Item views PRO” checkbox to activate the PRO services

5. Click the “Save” button to confirm and activate the FeedBurner Stats PRO services.

6. Done. You will see a little PRO icon near the feed on your FeedBurner “My Feeds” list.

MyBrand allows you to use own domain name for FeedBurner feed. Example: feeds.yourdomain.com, instead of feeds.feedburner.com. Using MyBrand does not affect your feed stats. It only make your feed address consistent to your website address.It is a tough nut to crack for non techies as it needs you to make changes in dns records.However these are the steps you need to carry out for setting this up.
1. Sign in your FeedBurner account and click the “My Account” link in the upper left-corner.

2. At My Account page, click the “MyBrand PRO” link under Services

3. This is the hard part. Create a CNAME entry in the DNS records for each domain name you want to use. Then, fill in the domain name(s) to use.

Note: you need to know to configure CNAME for your domain name’s DNS records. You can refer to the Google Apps for Administrators to create CNAME record on popular hosting services, or ask your domain/web hosting provider’s help.

4. Click “Activate” button to save and activate it. It will take up to 24 hours for the CNAME to take effect.

July 09, 2007

"When Will The Next PR Update Be?".The Question Is Back

PR update rumours have once again started and are becoming subjects of hot discussion at popular forums.Most of them are predicting latter half of July to be the period when google servers will renew link counts.If you can't wait till the update to know what is in store for you,use some PR predictor tool.There are plenty of them online.My favourite is the Iwebtool.It is predicting a PR4 for me.While i am not perfectly happy with a PR4 my aim will be to get as many quality links as possible in the coming days.

A quick tip for using Iwebtool.If you are a blogspot blogger don't include www.An interesting prediction i have been able to track down will be useful for those who are fighting it out for #1 position for 'Make Money Online'.Problogger.net is predicted to acquire a PR7 from PR6 and Johnchow.com might loose its PR6 and will be given a PR5.Dosh Dosh is expected to promoted 2 PR up to PR6.

However these may vary as there are quite more days left for the "predicted" PR update.And if you are targeting a better PR,then what are you doing here!!!Go and get some links.

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July 08, 2007

VideoRonk-Search for videos on Youtube,Metacafe,ifilm and many more simultaneously

If you are one of those who ditched T.V ever since Youtube was launched,this one is for you.Many times you may want to find videos on a specific topic and in most cases you will search on "Youtube" with the keyword and get a list in an order Youtube only knows.While in many cases this would do the job.But there may be a better video more closer to what you were looking for.Youtube boasts of record number of uploads and largest user base among the online-video sharing sites and noone comes even close to it's status[Metacafe is the only commendable opponent].However if we put together all these smaller sites what we get is a bigger pool of videos covering on every single subject you can name.So next time you are upto discovering a video give these tools a shot which let you search many video sharing sites including Youtube simultaneously.

VideoRonk lets you do the same.Its a must try for those video crazy people on the net.Search Youtube,Dailymotion,Metacafe,ifilm,Vimeo,Myspace,blip.tv,revver and more.They also have a plugin for IE7 and Firefox2.0 browsers.Top videos on Youtube,Google,Dailymotion,Metacafe and ifilm can be found on its frontpage.Interface is quite inmpressive and you can download the videos without leaving the site.Check it out.

July 05, 2007

Will Bloglinkr Be The Next Big Advertising Phenomenon?

What is Bloglinkr?
"What if you had advertising that your readers actually wanted to click on? That's exactly what they'll get when you use bloglinkr...because all of the advertisers on bloglinkr are other blogs. You select the categories that you want your readers to see, and instead of content-less sales pitches and discounted products, your readers will see links to blogs in the categories you've selected ...and you'll get paid for each click. You'll even get paid when people click ads on blogs that you've referred to bloglinkr.

Why this seems to be an interesting idea to me?
This is the evolution of what Google Adsense targeted with 'Section targeting'.Relevance of ads is the ultimate secret of clickthroughs.Let me just tell you an example.We have many bloggers who give tips for making money online with Google Adsense.They give excellent tips and in the end build up an audience very informed of the inside game.So these regular readership may not help in big turn-overs.These bloggers eventually end up with low clickthroughs and ultimately low revenue from adsense.The only way those ads will get clicked is either through search engine traffic or someone who has keen interest in making them money.

Bloglinkr is "clickable" by those smarter audience.And one more thing that may help bloglinkr in budding is that it's cheap.An advertiser can build a campaign for as low as $25.You may ask how this will help?98% of bloggers do not make serious money and they are desperate and waiting for "miracles".They all will plunge into it and freely give away links after links.I am not saying this will help you build a high PR.But think about the Technorati rankings and stuff.There are paid review sites which calculate your technorati links to determine your value.There also many other evil things one can do with this start up.


I can say that the big players will be less prominent here because they wouldn't be interested in buzz creation this way.But i can see it's future as an affordable advertising option for bloggers.And don't expect those $25 campaigns to get you links on high PR sites.