September 29, 2009

Buddy Spy Not Working -Here is an alternative

The famous yahoo invisible status detector Buddy spy is said to be facing some problems lately.So as per visitor request i dug up an alternative for Buddy spy and as it turns out the new thing is far better and flexible than buddy spy.

Imvisible is not even a software.Its a website which works on a different tune but yielding the same results.No installation,no login.Simply enter the yahoo id you want to check the status of.Enter and there you are.These frees you from many hassles that comes with buddy spy like need for loggin in and slightly complicated interface.Imvisible's interface is very simple and there is no need for a login.So next time when you want to snoop on a buddy,this tool will help you :D..cheers

September 05, 2009

Get Your Life Back -Web Humour

I stumbled upon this pic while surfing.Thought it is interesting enough to share with you guys.Cheers :D

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