July 19, 2008

Hack-Protect & Secure Myspace Accounts And Passwords

Myspace is a place where some great deal of phishing happens.Maybe its just because of the vulnerable nature of it with lots of codes and stuff coming in and out.One just cannot distinguish from a phishing myspace clone page and the authentic one.Tons of people have been prone to phishing everyday and if you are a regular myspacer then you must have gone concerned reading this.Prevention is always better than running for cure.

Myspace Force SSL is a greasemonkey script that rewrites all links to use SSL enabled secure.myspace.com domain.This will make sure you do not end up giving your password to some hacker who has set up a page just real enough to fool you.You need firefox and greasemonkey addon for this to work.You can get the Myspace Force SSL script from here.

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