December 27, 2007

How Do I Stop Others From Tracking My Online Activity?

This article will help you to learn things that will help you make sure no one tracks your online activity.

Protecting Passwords:
Lets start with password protection.Can anyone actually track what you are typing?Yes is the answer.If you weren't aware of this then you might not also be familiar with key loggers[wiki].So first of all you need to make sure no keyloggers are spying you.Anti-virus softwares considers key loggers as viruses since they usually hide themselves and run at the background similar to viruses.So scanning your system using your anti-virus software will do the job.But if you don't want to take chances get some free spy-ware scanning and removal software like Windows defender and scan your system using them.If you don't use windows then SpyCatcher Express might help you.

Deleting Your Tracks:
You can do it manually if you understand the browser you are using really well.This process involves setting 'Days to Keep History Of You Browsing Activity" to "0" days,Cleaning up your cache and cookies and clearing up auto-fill forms.There are also free softwares which help you automate the process.The best free-ware you can find is IE Privacy Keeper.

Protecting Yourself From Intruders:
Anyone on your network can track your activities if your system is left unprotected for hijack.This can be solved by activating the inbuilt firewall of your OS.If your OS doesn't have inbuilt firewall then get a free firewall like Zone Alarm.It will definitely block intrusions from outside and any communication between any malicious software installed on your system to its target.

Hope you found this article useful.

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