December 15, 2007

'Keep Your Privacy' Tip:Disable Auto Save Of Google Talk Chats,Conversations In Gmail

A lot of gmail accounts have being hacked recently,however we can have a breather as no new virus outbreak is reported.Mostly these accounts are hacked through social engineering.Most people use easily guessable words as their passwords like their girlfriend's/boyfriend's name,pet's name,phone number etc.. which can easily be tracked by anyone who knows the person well and can play pranks by hacking into their mailboxes and doing crazy stuff.If you use Gtalk(Google talk) for private conversation this is certainly not desirable.The fact is that autosave of Gtalk chats is set on by default and unless you turn it off manually your conversations are saved by Gmail.

So just in case your Gmail account gets hacked,the hacker can clearly go through your private conversation.So the best thing to do is to turn the auto save feature.

This is how you do it.
>>Log into Gmail.
>>Click on Settings on the right top corner.
>>On "Chat History" choose Don't save chat history in my Gmail account and save.

Stay safe and don't get phished.

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