December 25, 2007

What is the best site or program to use to download free,safe, secure, good Mp3 songs/music ?

Tired of googling to download the song your friend was humming the last day.Desperate to get those rare tracks whose cds are almost invisible in the market.Here is something for your help.I tell you how to get hold of those rare songs,movie soundtracks,advertisement jingles and everything you call music.What is the best site or program to use to download free,safe, secure, good Mp3 songs/music,Software Coolgoose,this is one site that has been there for a while fighting time.One of the most magnificient databases for free music on the web,Cooltoad is your one stop shop for free entertainment.Millions of songs uploaded by users is its pillar strength.You are more likely to find rare songs and soundtracks here. is yet another site which has some good database of songs.However download is not actually supported by the site.But you can get the songs by some exclusive hacks from Blogger Whale.You can also find free spanish music here.

Youtube-You might ask how is youtube related to free music.However if you can get free videos you can easily rip of the music from the videos into mp3 format and play it on your favourite media player.This is pretty big when you consider all those video sharing platforms like Metacafe,Myspace,iFilm,Break,Myspace etc. because all these in aggregate with Youtube can be a pretty big pool for hunting free music.

Google-I didn't miss spell it.Thanks to the google bot.All the open directories are scanned and indexed on Google.So if you're lucky you might find exactly what you are looking for.Here is a site which allows automated search for mp3s on Google.

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