December 15, 2007

How to handle and get rid of stage fright and fear of public speaking?

Many people pass off even at the thought of going into the stage and facing an audience while at the same time they envy at those who handle the audience like cheese.Its not that those who are capable of such acts are born with such talents.The difference is that they have learnt to tackle the problem well.I am not going to give some advices from an experts point of view,but would rather like to share things that have worked for me in the past.

1.Getting on the stage is the hardest part.When you are in such a situation just walk in like you really don't know what stage fear is.This is a symbol of confidence and this puts you in the driver's seat and what you have is receptive audience waiting for its confident speaker or performer to deliver.

2.When you are performing some artistic talents like singing,dancing or such stuff you really need to concentrate on that.The best thing to do is that much before your performance sit alone and think from audience's point of view,Think as if you were one among the audience.An audience will always allow you to cast spell on them and would never want to see someone scre up on stage.Think this and you will definitely concentrate on your performance.

3.Another way to boost up some confidence is to watch someone performing in a manner what you may call magnificient.Get hold of some videos of legends of your field and watch them while practicing for the big day.Having someone great as motivation will ease the pressure on you.

4.Another way is to calculate the worst thing that could happen and just talk about it alone and leave it completely.When you have faced your fears the rest is easy.

5.Stay away from demotivating people no matter how close they are.Keep your mp3 player and headphone with you.Trust me this is the best way to avoid any conversation and they won't feel bad about it.

I hope these things work for you.Stay happy.Stay motivated.

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