December 15, 2007

How To View Locked Scrap Books In Orkut?

Orkut allows users to set scrapbook access to private.In such cases only friends of the person can view his scrapbook.This is similar in the case of photo albums and videos.How ever you can get pass the scrapbook block using a grease monkey script which allows you to view locked scrapbooks.

You need to install Greaemonkey plugin for running the script.Install Greasemonkey from here

If you already have greasemonkey installed,install 'view locked scrapbooks' script from here

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  1. How To Use This Script.Where To Use This Scrip in Orkut To View Lock ScrapBook.I had Pasted The Script In Address Bar Beside The Pre Written Address .Its nNot Working.Plz Explain How To Use.Step By Step

  2. ya its not working i tried..i'm using mozilla 2.0 Is that a problem?

  3. ye its not working please tell me what i see lock scrap book?

  4. Dear Readers,Google has rectified the script flaw that made this hack work. So this won't be working anymore.As soon as a new hack is out,i ll post it here.Chao


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