December 12, 2007

Don't Format !This Is How You Can Retrieve Important Data Files From A Virus Infected USB Flash Drive?

If you have a flash drive that has whole lot of stuff you want but got infected and you are confused about its future then here is the good news:"You can retrieve uninfected data on the drive!".Here is how you do this.

1.Unplug your internet connection and all your network connections as a precaution just in case the virus tries to send information or affect other computers in the network.

2.Now this one is important.Turn off 'Autoplay' feature of windows.This will prevent direct activated attacks.For XP you will need to use a software called Tweak UI for this purpose.Windows Vista users can do this by clicking Start>>Type Autoplay and hit enter>>Click Softwares and Games>>From the drop down menu choose Take no action>>Save.

3.Now your flash drive is safe to plugin.Transfer only those files that you know are unaffected and go for a scan using the anti virus software to make it sure.Kudos!You have done it.

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