December 19, 2012

Page rank doesn't matter.Reasons why Page Rank is now irrelevant?

Yes you heard it right.Page Rank does not matter and is nearly useless.Lot of things have changed in the last 2 years.Then PR was a mighty important attribute that clearly showcased the potential of a website or blog.A high PR was your gateway to better traffic and advertisement opportunities.However the scene has totally changed.Page Rank alone cannot do any wonders for your website.A lot of other factors have more weightage than Page Rank.Content is now the most important criteria for good search rankings.Blog/Website advertising giants  have also started devaluing Page Rank.Now these companies are using Alexa Rankings to find out the quality of their potential publisher's website.

Why Page Rank is not relevant?

  • Page Rank is only one of the 200 attributes considered by Google while ranking web pages.
  • It has been proven that sites with low PR in several cases have ranked higher in search engines ( above high PR sites). This is mainly due to the quality of the content and apt link profiles.
  • Previously webmaster tools used PR as a criteria while evaluating websites.Now it has been removed.This clearly indicates that Google themselves does not consider PR as that important.

Why you should be worrying about other things than PR?

You can get a lot more traffic if you focus on quality content generation.Complement it with some link building and you are good to go.If you have used keywords in title, description and 5-6 times in the content, then you don't need to worry about traffic.It will come eventually.

Recently a lot of fluctuation in search rankings have been reported by webmasters.This means that Google is making algorithm changes to ensure quality content gets enough visibility.In the long run, content is the only thing which will sustain itself.So you should stop worrying about PR and concentrate on creating timeless content.

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