December 22, 2012

Music,Guided meditation and Chakra Activation

Music is an immensely powerful tool.Pure sound energy can have miraculous effects on the psyche and physiology of a human being.A lot of ancient masters had discovered the spiritual benefits of meditating with the assistance of music.There is a term called 'Nada Yogi' in eastern philosophy of Yoga.A Nada Yogi is someone who is in pursuit of divine knowledge through the medium of sound.You might have observed that different sounds have different effect on our minds.Pleasant symphonies especially the ones in classical music are extremely pleasing and elevate us to a different level of vibration.On the contrary there is also dark music which takes our minds to demonic realms.I personally don't judge people by their taste in music.It's quite unfair in my opinion.Some people listen to loud and lyrically ill music because it makes them feel better.That is simply because their consciousness is vibrating at that level.However the discovery of an entirely different body of music will surely motivate them to reconsider their choice.

One of the greatest powers that arrive with spiritual unfolding is the ability to distinguish elements which uplift and degrade the vibration of consciousness. A highly evolved spiritual being can draw immense energy by meditating on uplifting songs.He will have no interest on music which is negative and has no emotional or spiritual value.

Music assisted meditation has lot of benefits.But you must carefully pick the right music.A song which may be really uplifting for someone may not have that much impact on you.You will have to be the judge when it comes to choosing the music to which you will vibrate.If you are having difficulty in finding such songs, you can start with music which works universally as far as spiritual upliftment is concerned.I'm talking about mantras.Mantras are syllables which carry immense amount of energy.Mantras can induce a trance so sublime that your ego will dissolve into oneness provided you have enough faith.Mantras don't know religion,cast or creed.They can be used by anyone irrespective of their nationality,gender or occupation.And to those who didn't know,Mantra aided meditation is one of the quickest routes to kundalini awakening.This is because the channeling of energy happens much more conveniently when you are completely focused at one point.Music sets the perfect ambiance of cultivating concentration.Mantras are not at all distracting.Initially you may try to contemplate the meaning and structure of mantra but eventually you will be lost in the flow.Slipping into deep meditation is also possible using ambient sounds.But such sounds does not have an energizing effect.Mantras charge up the mind and the chakra system like magic words.By regular practice the mantras will start to impart a calmness so subtle that you will want to meditate even more on a daily basis.

Which mantras are good for meditation?

Om which is the universal sound is the ultimate figure of sound.All music originates from 'Om'.If you search around Youtube you will find enough Om chanting tracks.Voice quality may differ from singer to singer.Find out the sound which rejuvenates you.Download the video and convert it into MP3 format and store it in your mobile or iPod.Use of headphones is also recommended as it helps to gain more concentration as external sounds are negated to a certain extent.

Gayatri Mantra is yet another empowering mantra which you can use for meditation.The nourishing mantra will clearly the blockages in your chakra system like magic.With enough dedication, the awakening of kundalini will happen at a faster rate.

Om Mani Padme Hum is one of my favorite Buddhist mantras.It has an unspeakable aura which one has to experience to understand.It is suitable for deep meditation and chakra activation.

Hope you found this article useful.Feel free to drop in your views and opinions as comments.

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