December 18, 2012

Why blogging about blogging is a bad idea?

So you have gone through the basics of blog management and are ready to venture into blogging.
One of the most important things to do now will be to choose a niche.Professional bloggers are
often found stressing (sometimes over-stressing) the importance of sticking to a niche.Nowadays it is a
commonly observed trend among bloggers to blog about blogging.There are lots and lots of blogs and mini-sites popping up every day giving tips and advices to wannabe bloggers.This is mainly because newbie bloggers learn a lot of new stuff while doing research and the often feel an urge to share what they have learned in this way.Some of such blogging blogs are genuine and offer value whereas as some are simply a waste of time. I am certainly not against such ventures however i do have my list of reasons for believing why blogging about blogging is not the best idea around.

Reason 1: There is too much competition.Have you tried Googling 'Blogging tips' or 'Blogging advices'. Millions of blogs popup on search results.Imagine how hard it will be to get a good search engine ranking from this huge crowd.The basic requirement for successful blogging is definitely traffic.If you decide to start a blog on blogging, you will struggle with finding traffic initially and over a period of time.

Reason 2: Minimum revenue from advertising.Most readers of blogging blogs will be aware of the advertising schemes and affiliate programs.Such an audience is 'ad blind'.Even if you develop a substantial following, the CTRs (Click Through Rates) will still be grounded to 1-2%. The revenue generated will not be enough even to pay electricity bills.

Reason 3: There is information overload.All the logical topics there are have been discussed.All it takes to start a thread of posts is a mere mentioning of the topic by a top blogger.Replicas of those posts will hit the web in no time.Do you really want to place your precious posts amongst such a lawless crowd.Will it get the attention it deserves?Is it worth the time spent?

Reason 4: Decay of value is another point that i would like to stress.Blogging scene is evolving fast.When i started blogging in 2006, the things were entirely different.I've seen the blogosphere (a term which is scarcely used now.Evolution right!) go through twists and turns all these years.The hot topics of a period tend to become redundant and useless after a while.So if you want a blog that will stand the test of time then it will be better to choose a niche which you are most knowledgeable on.You can not depend on the traffic brought in by your 'blogging tips' for too long.

Reason 5: The chance of excelling in a less competitive niche is much more than succeeding in blogging niche.It's a plain truth which you cannot ignore.You can be an A-list blogger of a new niche if you have considerable expertise in the area and by the same time next year you can even get yourself quoted by top blogs and magazines in your niche.Will you go for it or choose to struggle in an over-crowded niche.

The choice is in the end 'Yours alone'. Feel free to post in your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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