December 27, 2012

SEO Salaries India

SEO industry is in its evolving stage in India.A couple of years back, most of the SEO companies relied on outsourced SEO projects for survival.But now the scene has changed.The awareness regarding the benefits of SEO has marginally improved.Now more and more companies are hiring SEO companies and consultants to enhance their online presence.The sudden demand for SEO in India has given rise to lot of job opportunities also.But the demand for SEO professionals is not met well.Mainly because there is little or no training ground for SEOs in India.Unlike other specializations in the field of I.T, Search Engine Optimization has no reputed training centres or certification agencies in the country.Almost all the SEO professionals in the country are self taught and have a background in development.Mainly during the last 5 years, many web development companies in India understood the importance of SEO and assigned their developers to the task of SEO.The developers had no choice but to equip themselves with the know-how on SEO techniques and strategies.Career-wise this could be counted as a beneficial move for developers as it gave them an oppurtunity to consider a career as SEO consultant.The pay is also higher for SEOs compared to developers.

Let's take a look at the remuneration aspects of SEO professionals in India.

SEO Consultant Salary in India

Tasks: An SEO Consultant basically has to meet clients, educate them regarding the benefits of SEO,research keywords and work with the marketing team till the agreement is signed with the company.Later on, SEO consultants will need to work on link building,content marketing and several other on page,off page tasks.Some companies assign these tasks to SEO trainees and liberate their SEO consultants from these tedious jobs.In such firms, SEO consultants mainly need to focus on client procurement only.

Salary : 15,000 INR - 23,000 INR

SEO Manager Salary in India

Tasks: SEO Manager will have to work with an SEO team which will be comprised of SEO consultants,trainees and developers.He will have to oversee various on page,off page optimization processes and see if the execution is happening in a correct manner.SEO Managers also monitor and review SEO reports generated by the team.Often these managers will have to communicate with clients regarding SEO strategies and get their approval.They also monitor analytics accounts and present periodical performance reports to clients.

Salary : 20,000 INR - 30,000 INR

Social Media Consultant (SMO) Salary in India

Tasks:  Perform site promotion via social media sites including Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest etc.SMO Consultants will maintain and monitor fan pages and social media accounts on client's behalf.They will also have to generate perform reports.Usually SMOs report to SEO Managers.Social media management is considered as an important add-on for SEO and therefore most SEO companies have SMOs in their SEO team.

SEO Trainee Salary in India

Tasks: SEO Trainees are usually assigned to perform link building, content marketing,blog promotion etc.They will often have to monitor the sites assigned to them for flaws with various on page factors.They will work with developers for optimizing the site for search engines.They will report to SEO consultants
and sometimes directly to SEO Managers.

Salary : 10,000 INR - 16,000 INR

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  1. What is the average yearly salary of an SEO consultant?
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  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. Average annual salary of SEO Consultant would vary from $60,000 - $200,000


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