December 27, 2012

How many articles or posts will i have to write to make money with my blog?

This is a question which several newbie bloggers and webmasters ask.In the end it is all about the revenue and there is nothing wrong with that.You need to generate a substantial amount of money from your blog before you jump into the 'full time blogger' bandwagon.Many bloggers wonder how much content they need to produce before their blog actually starts generating money.The answer to this question is simple and at the same time,slightly sophisticated.

It is not about the volume of posts.Then what is it about?The revenue generated by your blog will entirely depend on the number of search engine optimized high ranking posts.There is simply no use in creating 100s of non optimized posts and waiting for miracles to happen.The rankings in search engines is key to success.It is all about allowing your posts to get discovered.When the organic traffic begins to roll in, it can be converted to revenue.Until then it is tireless run for search engine rankings.

Ok.I have SEO optimized my posts.How many SEO optimized articles do i need to write in order to succeed?

That's a more logical question.The success rate varies from blogger to blogger.Say if you have 500 articles on your blog.If you are ranking in the top 10 search results for atleast 250 keyphrases or keywords, then you are on the right track.If not, you must correct your blog promotion strategy.If you manage to get top 10 Google rankings for around 500 articles,then you will be getting substantial amount of traffic. Push it to 1000 and you are an authority blogger.

I still don't feel motivated.What to do?

Most of the top bloggers today depend on their evergreen articles for generating traffic and revenue.They know that all articles do not make money.There are always those special timeless articles which pull in traffic even after 3-4 years.Honestly there is an article which i wrote 3 years back which gets me ample amount of traffic even now.Sometimes you have to write posts which might not be that good with search engines but your direct audience may benefit from it.There is nothing wrong in doing that.But make sure that you write SEO optimized articles more often.

Now i am motivated to write SEO optimized articles.Is there anything else i need to know?

Yes.You need to know one important thing.Competition.Writing SEO optimized articles is not enough for success.Gone are the Good Ol' Days when you write a post and you are immediately on the front page of Google.Now there is too much competition.How do you cut through the competition? By writing unique articles and using less competitive keywords.While writing post titles, think from the perspective of the audience.What will he or she search for.Think about the keyword variations and then finalize the title.Try to optimize the content also.Finally it's all in the hands of search engines.If you have done your part right, then it is time to wait until the search engines become merciful.In the mean time you can drive in traffic from Social media sites.You might be able to get a few subscribers and regular visitors through apt social media promotions.If your articles are educational or problem solving, then people will surely promote them.

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