March 25, 2007

Copyright your work 'the Web2.0 way' with numly.

Flexibility is Web2.0 is all about.The Web2.0 people[bloggers,digital artists and anyone creating content online]try day and night to make their content more reachable.When we are too much concentrated in making the content mobile,we miss to protect our content.The result is plagiarism.No one can be blamed for this.Copyrighting your every content when your are creating so much is difficult.I was having the same difficulties.When i stumbled upon this firefox extention 'Numly copyright' i felt i found a much awaited solution and considered it important to share with other bloggers too.
Numly copyright is a firefox extension that registers documents and blogs for Numly copyright. Numly Numbers are unique identifiers of electronic media and recognized worldwide by electronic publishing companies and electronic content providers.It's a simple and quick to generate and serve as branded identifier for individuals or companies authoring or distributing electronic content and media.

The amateur account is free and the professional account will cost $4.95 USD / month.
There is one more advantage of using this service.It allows you to track your content
no matter where you post your content.Numly numbers serve as an electronic timestamp of submission. They also allow you to track who is viewing your content and when it is accessed, monitor ratings, and can be used as permalinks.

Download the 'Generate Numly Copyright' firefox plugin
Download the plugin for Wordpress blogs

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