February 27, 2007

How to use Google Translate for getting some bonus traffic to your blog?

Once you're a blogger,your brain should be programmed to think outside the box.That
attitude will take you to new levels of problem-solving.While some strategies need to be adopted in every other step for establishing a blog,rooting on the basics will make the ride smoother.'Content is everything' and creating some good posts always require time and tolerance.And as far as getting traffic and other stuff is concerned,leave it to Blogger Whale.Here's one more tip that will help you to get some more traffic to your blog/webite.Before that i reccomend you to read the following 2 posts covering similar topics which may help you to get a clearer idea of what i'm talking about.
>Put aside SEO let's do some SMO.
>How to submit links to 60 social bookmarking sites in 30mins?

Ofcourse there are countries where english is not the primary language.But did you
know that these countries also have top social bookmarking sites with ranks reaching
the level of Digg and del.icio.us and millions of readers surfing around these sites
for information or sometimes just for fun.Let's start thinking global.Beginning by letting them know too what you're writing down will be a good idea.So when you've a good post in hand do the following.
>Find out some regional social bookmarking sites.
>Go to google translate and get your post title and description translated to that
regional language and ofcourse submit links.Keep the Google translate page open because you're going to need its help to move around the site unless you're a linguistic acharya.
For my english readers here's a couple of sites in other languages for link submission.
I'll keep updating as i find more ones.
And for my non-english readers you can find lots of english sites to register from
my earlier posts.
But makesure you have embedded a translation service on your blog.There are easy ways to get this done like embedding Google translate gadget or Google translate widget on the sidebar of your blog.You can also find some other free services over the web which will do the same job.If you liked this post then get free subscription to Blogger whale

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