March 09, 2007

How to make your blog an adsense powerhouse?

Although i know i'm presenting an article on a subject that is much blogged about,
my aim is to present a different view of adsense optimization.Blogger Whale's listing
here some adsense techniques which i believe will genuinely increase your blog's revenue.

1.Get high paying ads:

Everyone wants it,but only a few get it because they know this.Adsense displays relevant ads after scanning the page's content most importantly the title and the labels.Here's how to get high paying ads on your blog.
:>After creating a post,copy all the important keywords from that post on to a notepad file.
:>Now use a good keyword research tool and find the highest paying keywords from the copied list.If there are'nt any high paying keywords in your post,then do a little bit of research with wordsrelated to your article.
:>Then incorporate those high paying keywords neatly on to your post title.
Also you can add those remaining words [you failed to incorporate in the title] as labels.

You can do some good research on high paying keywords at Iotaweb.

2.Eliminate low paying ads:

The first method does not completely make sure that low paying ads are kept
away from your blog/website because as i mentioned earlier adsense scans the
the whole page before displaying relevant ads.So you need to make sure that those
relevant ads does not contain low paying ads.I hope you still have that notepad file
with you.Keep that open and go to and get a list of low paying
ads related to those keywords.Copy that list and go to your adsense account>adsense setup>competitive ads filter and paste those sites in the filter box.It's perfectly ok and doesn't violate adsense TOS.Adsense allows some 200 sites in the filter,but if you're blogging about topics from a particular field then you'll never need that number because the same ads are going to be repeated.

3.Eyecandy text ads:

Make sensible use of the traffic you recieve.Don't irritate readers with terrible ad presentation.Here are a couple of tricks you can follow.
>Make sure the text ads doesn't have annoying background colours that are too dark.
>Making link colour somewhat similar to your blogs text colour will add some more attraction to the ads.

4.Learn from Adsense case studies:

The best resource to learn about successful adpositioning is from adsense itself.Adsense blog regularly posts case study results which you can use for your advantage.Moreover keeping up with the adsense blog is a fine way to know about the latest trends in adsense optimization.

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  1. That is some useful advice thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips i found so far-thumbs up 2 u.


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