July 08, 2007

VideoRonk-Search for videos on Youtube,Metacafe,ifilm and many more simultaneously

If you are one of those who ditched T.V ever since Youtube was launched,this one is for you.Many times you may want to find videos on a specific topic and in most cases you will search on "Youtube" with the keyword and get a list in an order Youtube only knows.While in many cases this would do the job.But there may be a better video more closer to what you were looking for.Youtube boasts of record number of uploads and largest user base among the online-video sharing sites and noone comes even close to it's status[Metacafe is the only commendable opponent].However if we put together all these smaller sites what we get is a bigger pool of videos covering on every single subject you can name.So next time you are upto discovering a video give these tools a shot which let you search many video sharing sites including Youtube simultaneously.

VideoRonk lets you do the same.Its a must try for those video crazy people on the net.Search Youtube,Dailymotion,Metacafe,ifilm,Vimeo,Myspace,blip.tv,revver and more.They also have a plugin for IE7 and Firefox2.0 browsers.Top videos on Youtube,Google,Dailymotion,Metacafe and ifilm can be found on its frontpage.Interface is quite inmpressive and you can download the videos without leaving the site.Check it out.

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