July 22, 2007

Feedburner Pro Features Now "Free"

First major change on Feedburner after Google acquired it,is here.And what a better way than to give away Pro feature like Total stats and Mybrand for free.

FeedBurner Stats PRO or Total stats allows you to have advance stats about your site feed, such as number of people who have viewed or clicked individual content items in your feed, as well as site visitors stats.

Here is how you can activate this feature

1. Sign in your FeedBurner account

2. Select the FeedBurner feed you want to activate for Feedburner Stats PRO

3. Under Analyze tab, click FeedBurner Stats PRO link under Services

4. At FeedBurner Stats PRO page, tick the “Item views PRO” checkbox to activate the PRO services

5. Click the “Save” button to confirm and activate the FeedBurner Stats PRO services.

6. Done. You will see a little PRO icon near the feed on your FeedBurner “My Feeds” list.

MyBrand allows you to use own domain name for FeedBurner feed. Example: feeds.yourdomain.com, instead of feeds.feedburner.com. Using MyBrand does not affect your feed stats. It only make your feed address consistent to your website address.It is a tough nut to crack for non techies as it needs you to make changes in dns records.However these are the steps you need to carry out for setting this up.
1. Sign in your FeedBurner account and click the “My Account” link in the upper left-corner.

2. At My Account page, click the “MyBrand PRO” link under Services

3. This is the hard part. Create a CNAME entry in the DNS records for each domain name you want to use. Then, fill in the domain name(s) to use.

Note: you need to know to configure CNAME for your domain name’s DNS records. You can refer to the Google Apps for Administrators to create CNAME record on popular hosting services, or ask your domain/web hosting provider’s help.

4. Click “Activate” button to save and activate it. It will take up to 24 hours for the CNAME to take effect.

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