July 28, 2007

Before The PR Update:Have You Prepared

Everyone is talking about it and PR prediction sites are getting good traffic.But noone really knows what will happen.Google PR is one thing which noone can predict of completely.Your link counts on Technorati will lie,so will your alexa toolbar and this will continue for every other tool.Only thing one can do is to trust the history and atleast find if he is prepared.Here are some random pieces of PR wisdom provided by experts in the past.

What will it take for PR4?
For a PR4 you will need any of the following.

  • 3,055 links from PR1
  • 555 links from PR2
  • 101 links from PR3
  • 18.5 links from PR4
  • 3.5 links from PR5
  • 1 link from PR6
What will it take for PR5?

  • 16,803links from PR1
  • 3,055links from PR2
  • 555 links from PR3
  • 101links from PR4
  • 18.5 links from PR5
  • 3.5links from PR6
What will it take for PR6?

  • 92,414links from PR1
  • 16,803links from PR2
  • 3,055 links from PR3
  • 555 links from PR4
  • 101links from PR5
  • 18.5links from PR6
  • 3.5 links from PR7

What will it take for PR7?

  • 508,277 links from PR1
  • 92,414links from PR2
  • 16,803links from PR3
  • 3,055links from PR4
  • 555links from PR5
  • 101links from PR6
  • 18.5links from PR7
  • 3.5links from PR8

Hope this helps for all those who are awaiting the next PR update.

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