July 05, 2007

Will Bloglinkr Be The Next Big Advertising Phenomenon?

What is Bloglinkr?
"What if you had advertising that your readers actually wanted to click on? That's exactly what they'll get when you use bloglinkr...because all of the advertisers on bloglinkr are other blogs. You select the categories that you want your readers to see, and instead of content-less sales pitches and discounted products, your readers will see links to blogs in the categories you've selected ...and you'll get paid for each click. You'll even get paid when people click ads on blogs that you've referred to bloglinkr.

Why this seems to be an interesting idea to me?
This is the evolution of what Google Adsense targeted with 'Section targeting'.Relevance of ads is the ultimate secret of clickthroughs.Let me just tell you an example.We have many bloggers who give tips for making money online with Google Adsense.They give excellent tips and in the end build up an audience very informed of the inside game.So these regular readership may not help in big turn-overs.These bloggers eventually end up with low clickthroughs and ultimately low revenue from adsense.The only way those ads will get clicked is either through search engine traffic or someone who has keen interest in making them money.

Bloglinkr is "clickable" by those smarter audience.And one more thing that may help bloglinkr in budding is that it's cheap.An advertiser can build a campaign for as low as $25.You may ask how this will help?98% of bloggers do not make serious money and they are desperate and waiting for "miracles".They all will plunge into it and freely give away links after links.I am not saying this will help you build a high PR.But think about the Technorati rankings and stuff.There are paid review sites which calculate your technorati links to determine your value.There also many other evil things one can do with this start up.


I can say that the big players will be less prominent here because they wouldn't be interested in buzz creation this way.But i can see it's future as an affordable advertising option for bloggers.And don't expect those $25 campaigns to get you links on high PR sites.

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