April 15, 2007

Getting Linked By LifeHacker VS Getting On The Frontpage Of del.icio.us

Lifehacker is one of the most popular blogs on the blogosphere and ranks 15 at Technorati at the time i am writing this post.And del.icio.us is one of the most sorted out social news site and will rank after Digg and Reddit if ranked according to traffic.I had the luxury of getting linked by Lifehacker.com and exposure on the del.icio.us frontpage simultaneously through my article on Greasemonkey scripts.

I am not a Greasemonkey lover as Lifehacker puts it,but inbound links are always welcome.If Gina Trapani is reading this,Thanks for linking in.

The two above mentioned events brought some quality traffic to Blogger Whale.The story was posted on del.icio.us by a top user,so it made it to the popular list in no time and stayed there for about 23hrs.As i'm writing this the story has 179saves counted.That's not a big number at del.icio.us but good enough for a technical item labelled under java.

Traffic from del.icio.us
del.icio.us didn't bring any server killing traffic which would have happened in the case of digg mainly because once your story is out of the frontpage readers will have to discover your story from the tags[No page2,page3..].So the traffic is only till other stories overtake yours and push you out of the frontpage.And one thing i noticed is that lot of people track del.icio.us frontpage by Googling "*/popular".???

Traffic from Lifehacker
Lifehacker sent steady and quality traffic for 2days.After that the traffic declined but kept coming in small quantities.Traffic from Lifehacker was much higher than from del.icio.us.May be a bit more time on the del.icio.us frontpage would have done the job.

Traffic Analysis

As you can see from the 'visit by source chart' del.icio.us underperformed.The
story also made it to the frontpage of dzone so they send some good traffic too.

Demography of visitors

As it is clear from the chart english speakers are not the only group.Though they are
much bigger in number the rest of the demography sum up to be a huge number.So be prepared embed some translating service like Google Translate on your blog.

Since the article was on Greasemonkey Firefox users were the most interested group.

Technorati Links:Some 20 ought fresh links showed up on Technorati after the post.
Feed Subscribers:Some 31 new subscribers joined Blogger Whale.

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  1. Very good analysis. One of my stories on my blog http://bethei.blogspot.com/ got into the frontpage of digg and i got 20000+ visitors in a day.


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