February 23, 2007

How to submit links to 60 social bookmarking sites in 30mins?

Submitting links to social bookmarking sites one has registered can be a tolerance testing process.Repetetive and boaring process is in the end highly rewarding.So avoiding it is not an option.So let's lighten up and ease the process of link submission.
Let's start the process with a basic technique.
Copy-paste n Notepad

This technique needs you to use the notepad you've not used in generations.
Copy the details of your post to a notepad file and save the file to your desktop.
By details i mean 1)URL to the post.
2)Title of the post.
3)A short description about the post.
4)Tags related to the post.
5)Your blog's feed URL.

Bank on browser's password manager
Use your browser's inbuilt password manager to save login & password of the sites
you've registered,so that the next time you go to the site it lets you in automatically.

Your first genie
How long will it take you to submit links to 20 social bookmarking sites?40mins,50mins,60mins.Ok we'll stop at 60mins by assuming you use the copy-paste
technique and are taking about 2 mins to submit your links to one site.And what about
the agony of those 60mins.Let me tell you about Onlywire,your painkiller.It submits your link to 20bookmarking sites with just one click.All you need to do is to provide them
your id&passwords to those 20 sites.Kudos to Onlywire.

Your second genie
Lets save some more time.This time how about 10sites.Satisfying right.Scratchlist is the next solution for your bookmarking troubles.You don't even have to register to the sites listed in scratchlist to submit links in them.The link you submit expires on a presetted number
of days which is setted to 30days in default.So you need to make sure you set the expire limit to 365 days which is the maximum.

You third genie
Now the password manager technique comes into play.Mohamadlatif.com speeds up link submission to about 33 bookmarking sites.Although you're not
completely freed from participation.Type in post URL and title on Mohamadlatiff.com and it will generate links to those 33sites's link submission page with title and URL
filled.You need to copy-paste the description & tag manually.

Abracadabra for more traffic
If you have a good article in hand it's always fair to go for more publicity.So don't
forget to ping your blog to blog search engines.Tools which you can use to get this done.

I'll keep on updating this post as i find more ueful services for this purpose.
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  1. Very good post. All links are in one post, so it eases the process of locating the social bookmarking webs where to submit our links.

    Thanks for the good work and better explanation of the process.


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  5. Try submitting your site/blog to a web directory as well. Some are free, but choose one with as little spam as possible.


  6. Have a look at http://www.entopica.com/ and see how easy it is to store links, create your own tags and taxonomy and navigate around the site.

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