February 03, 2007

31 Bookmarking sites that will drive killer traffic to your blog.

31 Social bookmarking sites that will drive crazy traffic to your blog.

I've been blogging around for sometime now and through out my blogging journey i've tried different ways to get traffic to my blogs.
Letting search engine robots do their job,one day i set out in search of
ways to get ways to get crazy traffic.Initially hesitant to submit links to social bookmarking sites, i submitted a link to my post on a bookmarking site just out of curiosity.Couple of days later while skimming around Google Analytics reports
of my blog i was surprised to see a good amount of readers followed me from my
link on that bookmarking site.It was just a beggining,i reffered to many sources
for finding social bookmarking sites which existed quietly in the cyberspace
which were my potential traffic pullers.After couple of weeks of hardwork i
found about 60 ought bookmarking sites and got registered to about 40 of them.

Then it was all about creating that perfect post and waiting to rock and roll.Afterworking reasonably hard to create good posts(good in content and looks)and staying awake till 4 in the morning submitting links to the sites i've choosed(Gosh it was hard work.Trust me),i slept dreaming that i'll be proudly boasting of tons of pageviews to my friends.But that wasn't the thing that happened.couple of days later when i checked out my analytics reports i came to knew that i have recieved hits(much less than expected)from only 1/4th of the sites i have submitted my links to.Trying to recover from 'an almost nervous breakdown' i searched for enlightment in all that was tagged 'social bookmarking' in my favourite blogs and bookmarking sites.To my badluck i didn't find much helpful stuff while.Couple of days later while sitting infront of computer and having a cup of tea an idea banged on my head.I uttered "Alexa rankings".

I typed alexa.com and pressed enter,took a pen and wrote down the ranks an traffic details of all those 60 bookmarking sites.I was enlightened to see some sites had ranks worse than couple of my blogs and some of the sites on which i didn't register were in the A-list.Finally i put them into a list,rubbed a few names and sorted them in order of their traffic.What i got was a valuable list of bookmarking sites that will do the job for me.And guess what? They did.

The principle of social bookmarking sites was then crystal clear.Write quality content,give it exposure.If your content is good serious readers will vote you(there will atleast a serious reader in every thousand people who check out the sites)and will get you to the frontpage.If you have reached this par then the next thing you get is tremendous traffic.I'm sharing the list so that all bloggers may profit from it.

Alexa ranking:73
Average pageviews per day:600-800million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:126
Average pageviews per day:300-400million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:204
Average pageviews per day:200-300million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:792
Average pageviews per day:40-100million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:1047
Average pageviews per day:30-60million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:
Average pageviews per day:25-60million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:2454
Average pageviews per day:20-30million pageviews.

Average pageviews per day:10-25million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:4984
Average pageviews per day:2-25million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:5435
Average pageviews per day:5-15million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:5911
Average pageviews per day:4-18million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:5924
Average pageviews per day:7-18million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:6336
Average pageviews per day:5-12million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:6395
Average pageviews per day:5-14million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:6546
Average pageviews per day:4-10million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:7767
Average pageviews per day:4-10million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:8267
Average pageviews per day:3-15million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:8858
Average pageviews per day:3-14million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:9184
Average pageviews per day:2-15million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:9405
Average pageviews per day:2-10million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:9503
Average pageviews per day:2-8million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:11,822
Average pageviews per day:2-7million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:13,593
Average pageviews per day:2-5million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:14,785
Average pageviews per day:1-10million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:17,313
Average pageviews a day:1-8million pageviews.
Alexa ranking:18,436
Average pageviews per day:1-7million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:19,235
Average pageviews per day:1-6million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:20,281
Average pageviews per day:1-5million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:21,896
Average pageviews per day:1-5million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:22,163
Average pageviews per day:1-5million pageviews.

Alexa ranking:
Average pageviews per day:1-4million pageviews.

I will keep updating this list as i find more sites.Meanwhile if you know some
bookmarking site that should be on the list feel free to add its name and rank
as comment.


  1. Thanks for the tip. This is really valuable for bloggers trying to bring traffic.

  2. I'm missing quite a few here. Among those Newswineand the *new* Netscape.

  3. Newswine has low alexa ranking.
    That's why i didn't list it here.
    And as far new netscape is concerned
    i missed it too.i'll add it in a fresh list on a fresh article soon.
    By the way thanks for adding info.

  4. Thanks for the great tip! :)

  5. Thanks for interesting post. Concerning comment above, I just checked the ranking of Newsvine and it seems to be 3392. That will be number 9 on your list.

  6. Thanks for interesting post. Concerning comment above, I just checked the ranking of Newsvine and it seems to be 3392. That will be number 9 on your list.

  7. This is a great post. I was looking for something along these lines and voila, all the info I needed was right here. Your link will be added to my Monday Night Blogging:Around the Blogiverse post at http://www.online-earners.com

  8. Thanks cage.Checked out your blog.
    Got a great one out there.

  9. SocialPoster.com - social bookmarking services and community websites submitter

  10. Great List. Although you seem to have missed out stumbleupon which has been the greatest source of traffic for my blog

  11. Alexa ranking has its own significance in the ranking position of website in the search engines. The ranking in Alexa.com serves as a criteria for the Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks as a gauge to determine the worth of a link on your website. If one depends on link or site selling as a form of monetization one will definitely want to increase their Alexa rank because it’ll increase bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing. Here we are taking into account the ranking of Social media. Social media is an Internet media that allow people to interact in some way. Social media can take many different forms, including Internet Forums, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. The basic services provided by these sites are interactive connections. The 10 social media sites stated below are ranked high in Alexa.com. These are:-

    1. Yahoo
    2. Microsoft Network
    3. Google
    4. You tube
    5. MySpace
    6. Orkut
    7. Facebook
    8. Hi5
    9. Blogger.com

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  13. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!


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