June 26, 2007

How To Multipy 'Digg Effects' And Crash Your Servers?

For many bloggers getting to the digg frontpage is the ultimate dream.It was the same for me until it happened.But once the digg effect[the sudden rush of traffic,links & comments] is over we are back to the ground.The pleasant dream broken fast is not easily accepted in its way by many smart-devil-minded bloggers.They follow their instinct to 'want more'.And it's a secret that 98% of them fail.But what do those 2% do to continue the dream run.That's the million dollar question.Isn't it?

Digg is not loved by SEOs just because it brings good number of quality links and satisfactory traffic,but Digg gives the best available exposure on the net for the site and this may also follow frontpages of other user-driven sites.Hardly any story that makes it to the Digg frontpage fails to top the frontpage of Reddit.This cycle may continue with smaller social news sites ending up with a gross traffic ranging from 200k to 400k and sometimes even more.This will certainly crash those wordpress servers but blogspot has shown it's super powers[Thanks to Google].

One interesting fact is that you don't even have to do any work to do to get your story on those sites.The still not copyrighted 'Rule of the Web2.0' principle states that every user driven site has a top user[s] who are thriving to finding stories that will help them rise up to their status and stories submitted by top users has a greater chance of making it to the top thanks to the top user game phenomenon.

Carrying on The dIGG effect

The usability of this technique entirely depends upon the relevance of your story.If it's a breaking news,forget it.But as i have been able to notice,most digg baits are timeless.So once the Digg Effect is over get over to other platforms.
Secret:Break the boundaries of languages and region and go global.The first part seems to be written by a metaphysicst and the second part by a marketing professor.But it's one of the biggest secrets on the internet.The whole world is connected but not to one another,among themselves.We are a part of the internet which has many worlds in it.Bloggers world,readers world,Leechers world,Commentators-world,Learners-world,Teachers-world,English-world,German-world,Arabic-world,French world,Winners world and finally Loosers world.Reach out for more and you'll come back with more.There are more Diggs around but we don't know them.Here are some of the diggs i discovered.Most of them accidentally and some through my global friends.Go on and start registering and one more thing.Keep Google Translatr open.


You can easily track down more of such site a use their regional popularity as your tool.All you need is to go that extra mile and the rewards are all waiting you.

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