June 13, 2007

Some bloggers love dollars;some don't

Thord Daniel @ 901am.com has come up with a post discussing the swinging dollar rates and it's effect on blogging. [via :Blogging pro]

"So I’m looking at my Paypal account and realize I won’t be moving any money anytime soon. The dollar’s down, has been for quite some time, and that means us non-US people make less for the same work. Blogging is usually paid per post....

Blogging industry runs on dollars and google will make sure it will stay so in the following years to come [hoping that they'll acquire one by one all the monetization sources and stay headquartered @ US].This is a boon to many and at the same time a terrible curse for some bloggers,especially those belonging to wealthier economies in the west.As i write this post from India a dollar i exchange with a bank here will get me 41 INR.Though it's slightly less than a year back record of 48 INR,i am quite satisfied.Even though that's a good number to ponder there are even luckier guys.The chaps from Japan will get 118 Japanese Yen in exchange to an US dollar.WHuuu...Some of the exchange rates are given below.Don't look at the Venezuelan Bolivar.I wish i was born there.

  • Australian Dollar >1.19918
  • Brazilian Real >2.0231
  • British Pound >0.499575
  • Canadian Dollar >1.1225
  • Chinese Yuan >7.728
  • Danish Krone >5.4871
  • Euro >0.736377
  • Hong Kong Dollar >7.8148
  • Indian Rupee >41.65
  • Japanese Yen >118.47
  • Malaysian Ringgit >3.42
  • Mexican Peso >10.9685
  • New Zealand Dollar >1.34012
  • Norwegian Kroner >5.9664
  • Singapore Dollar >1.5122
  • South African Rand >7.0725
  • South Korean Won >926.1
  • Sri Lanka Rupee >109.85
  • Swedish Krona >6.7681
  • Swiss Franc >1.2088
  • Taiwan Dollar >33.17
  • Thai Baht >32.4
  • Venezuelan Bolivar >2144.6

So what's your take on it.Are you a dollar satisfied blogger?

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