June 12, 2007

ScienceHack.com-Find Science Videos From Youtube & Metacafe

Are you a science-aholic?Then ScienceHack.com is a place to check out if you want to find high quality, accurate and spam-free science videos.Every video is screened by their resident scientists,so there are more chances of you finding relevant videos.Currently they are indexing only Youtube & Metacafe videos.The site is still on its alpha stage,so you can expect more sites to be included in future.

The search feature is impressive and the video can be viewed without leaving the site.There is a wikipedia link to the searched item above the videos in case you need any text reference.ScienceHack can be integrated into facebook also which hints that their target audience is the younger group of internet buffs.They are currently indexing videos with a focus on Physics, Chemistry and Space.A recommended place for geeks and if you're not into science recommend it to school going kids in your household they might find it useful.

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  1. Awesome post!!

    Thanks for sharing. I got to know many new things today just because of videos posted on site. And I reached there because of your post. So, Thank you!

    Got benefited from regular reading habit!!


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