June 16, 2007

Startup Watch:Introducing interesting Startups everyweek

I have been introducing useful startups for you every now and then but i always leave some of the interesting start-ups i come across from mentioning in Blogger Whale because they may be of no use to my topic specified audience.That often leaves me with a light amount of guilt so i am starting this new section called Start-up Watch in which i will be introducing to you 5 interesting start-ups every week.Here's the first edition of Start-up Watch.

1.Blurb.com-Publish Your Own Book
Blurb offers free software to create, publish, and ultimately market bookstore-quality books. Users pay only when they publish their books. Given that their are more than 26 million (!!!) blogs out there, Blurb believes they are providing a long-overdue service that could help bloggers and other writers turn their ramblings into actual for-sale books.

2.Sk-rt.com-Digg for Women
Called the Digg for women, Sk*rt is a site for women to share their favorite web content with other women. It has categorized and indexed all the links submitted, and, like Digg, the links voted most popular make it to the top of the home page.The only minus point i see is the
hyphenated url.May be as the site gets popular people will get used to it.

3.Chimetv.com-Your Favorite Videos Here
Chimetv helps you to search videos from many video sharing platforms simultaneously.The list include Blip TV, Break.com, Daily Motion, Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, Veoh and ofcourse

4.VidzUp.com - Social Video Tips & Tutorials

Got a question about video sharing.Vidzup is the place to be.It is a reccommended destination for those who create ,share and monetize videos.There are also useful tips in this site like how to increase video views and many more.

5.Co.mments.com - Track blog comments

Co.mments.com is basically a blogging application that helps you to track comments on any blog.This one is very useful for those bloggers who are not using comment moderation as they can keep track of the responses by the readers and probably respond to it.

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  1. I am dead sure that you haven’t used www.LeadsByVideo.com for promoting your products. Otherwise you would not have been complaining.


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