April 24, 2007

How to sell your Artwork online?

Are you an artist?Then you can make 10 times what i make(i make a decent income) from Google adsense and that too with ease provided you're ready to put your masterpieces on sale.Artworks are usually on high demand.If you hit the right string at the right time,you can score some good money.So if you're planning to do it here's some places that may help you.
1.Artflock:Artflock.com makes entrepreneur part of an artist's job easy.Browsegreat art art,buy art and sell art here.Free sign up is available for artists but a premium account is worth it as it gives you features like Highlight Listing,List Stockists,Advanced Watermarking,Display Contact Details,Statistics about your works popularity etc. which is not included in the free account.

2.E-bay:This is one of the first recommendation sell art on <span class=ebay" height="59" width="123">anyone will give you if you ask them "Where to sell your art work?".But i listed Artflock first because it will give your work a more targeted audience.Ebay's privilege of being the most busiest online market can guarantee you some good exposure.

3.Esnips:As i mentioned in the last post enips is rewarding artworksgaining popularity.Why not use it to give your work some exposure.They have a 5gb upload limit.So don't worry,you can upload lots of scanned materials.

Some Quick Tips
1.Get a paypal account before you join these virtual museums.Most of them have a list of trusted transaction handlers and Paypal is a good option.
2.Decide the price of your work in advance because you'll have to specify it everywhere your art goes.
3.Use all the services simultaneously and wait.Simultaneous presence will give you and your work a brand-like presence and people will remember you when they think of buying a work.

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